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Special Notes

Private Placement Securities in 2016 and as of the Date of this Annual Report: None.

Regulatory Authorities’ Legal Penalties to the Company or Its Employees, and the Company’s Resulting Punishment on Its Employees for Violations of Internal Control System Provisions, Principal Deficiencies, and the State of Any Efforts to Make Improvements in 2016 and as of the Date of this Annual Report

In 2016 and as of the Date of this Annual Report, the Company complied with the Taiwan Company Law, Securities Trading Act and relevant labor laws and regulations. The competent authorities levied fines totaling NT$166,000 for three violations of environmental and safety laws: (1) After the magnitude 6.4 earthquake which struck southern Taiwan on February 6, 2016, one of our employees was injured during the assessment of the damage caused. The Company has further strengthened relevant safety measures, and revised the internal rule to enhance environmental checks conducted after earthquakes; (2) Our vendors did not take effective measures to suppress dust at our construction site. The vendors have taken corrective action measures and increased relevant supervisory and execution professionals per our request. We also increased our own supervision over this site; (3) The Company did not appropriately report the non-production of a specific type of non-hazardous waste. We submitted our report immediately upon notification from the competent authority and enhanced the inspection process for future reporting.

Any Events in 2016 and as of the Date of this Annual Report that Had Significant Impacts on Shareholders’ Right or Security Prices as Stated in Item 3 Paragraph 2 of Article 36 of Securities and Exchange Law of Taiwan: None.

Other Necessary Supplement: None.