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TSMC Volunteer Program

TSMC values the corporate social responsibilities. In such principle, the TSMC volunteer program, led by its president Mrs. Sophie Su-fen Chang, encourages employees to participate in happy and smart volunteer activities by holding the goal “selected program, long-term dedication” and encourages employees to optimize their work-life balance.

The TSMC Volunteer Program collectively plans various volunteer services and invites employees and their families to join volunteer services. There are six major programs:

  • TSMC Volunteer Docent Program: For knowledge sharing, one of the important ways of providing corporate services and responding to society. Through knowledge communication and development, the public may further recognized their surrounding environment. Moreover, they may create the power to change society by inspiring future masters. Service locations: “National Museum of Natural Science” in Taichung and “TSMC Museum of Innovation” in Hsinchu.
  • TSMC Book Reading Volunteer Program: Since 2004, this program has continuously sponsored the “Hope Reading” program of the Commonwealth Publishing Group. The program donates 20,000 books to 200 remote schools every year as bridge to the world built for disadvantaged students. Service locations: Hsinchu County: Lu Fong Elementary School, Jing Ping Elementary School, Chao Tung Elementary School, Fu Hsin Elementary School, Taichung City: Xi Wei Elementary School, and Tainan City: Song Lin Elementary School, Guang Jung Elementary School and Shu Lin Elementary School.
  • TSMC Energy-Saving Volunteer Program: The program is organized by employees of the Company with professional energy saving knowledge to assist schools at all levels on energy-saving assessment and improvement. The service locations cover: Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung such areas, providing power consumption safety and professional energy saving suggestions.
  • TSMC Community Volunteer Program: “Typhoon Morakot Project Team” was officially transformed into the “TSMC Community Volunteer Program” after the disaster in 2010 and moving toward people who need the help most. Following the aging society and low birth rate, the elderly and children are groups that TSMC community volunteers pay attention to. Through regular activities and gatherings, the volunteers work closely with elderly and children. Service locations: Hsinchu Veterans Home, and Hsinchu St. Teresa Children Center.
  • TSMC Ecology Volunteer Program: TSMC is devoted to the protection of the environment. The Company reserves land for ecological projects at every new fab, and applies multilevel ecological engineering methods, which include planting native tree species and bird/butterfly-attracting plants, providing habitats and foraging places for animals. These are aimed at creating a biodiversity environment and protecting the environment around the fab. Service locations: Hsinchu F12B, Taichung F15, Tainan Jacana Ecology Education Park.
  • TSMC Fab/Division Volunteer Program: Exercising corporate social responsibility is always an extremely important part of returns and services provided by TSMC to the public. With support of executive officers and the enthusiastic response of employees, the fab/division volunteer program was created in 2013. It has shaped CRS culture inside the Company and “Do good” becomes popular among the fabs. The warm and strong figures of TSMC volunteers are everywhere; activities-include: environmental protection, promotion of energy conservation, caring for the disadvantaged, promotion of education, help for farmers and workers, and charitable donations to protect Taiwan silently.