● Corporate Overview   ● Technology Development   ● Manufacturing Services
  • TSMC founded
    TSMC is founded in February with paid-in capital of NT$1.3775 billion
  • Annual Total Capacity: 6,615 6-inch wafers/3,721 8-inch equivalent wafers
  • Enters market with 3.0-micron and 2.5-micron processes
  • Fab 1
    Leases 6-inch fab (Fab 1) from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and ITRI
  • Obtains first patent
  • TSMC North America
    Establishes North American subsidiary TSMC North America in San Jose, California
  • TSMC Europe
    Establishes European subsidiary TSMC Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Fab 2 introduces industry’s first mini-environment systems throughout production lines
  • Receives first recognition of quality from an international semiconductor company
  • Fab 2
    Fab 2 Module A begins production
  • Establishes an e-beam operation (EBO) department for photomask production
  • Fab 2
    Fab 2 Module B begins production
  • First Taiwan semiconductor company to obtain ISO 9001 certification
  • Begins construction on Fab 3, TSMC’s first 8-inch fab
  • Fabs adopt automated material handling system (AMHS)
  • TSMC’s ordinary shares are listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Milestone reached of over one million 6-inch wafers manufactured in a year
  • BusinessWeek ranks TSMC among "Taiwan's New Asian Giants" as a representative of "Professional Management"
  • Fab 3
    Fab 3 begins production
  • WaferTech
    TSMC establishes WaferTech, a joint venture in Washington State with long-term customers and the first pure-play foundry company in the United States
  • Proposes Virtual Fab as company’s vision
  • Fab 2 obtains first fab ISO 14001 certification in Taiwan semiconductor industry
  • TSMC is listed on the New York Stock Exchange
  • TSMC Japan KK
    Establishes Japanese subsidiary TSMC Japan KK
  • Ranked first in “Most Admired Company Survey” by CommonWealth Magazine for the first time
  • Fab 4
    Fab 4 begins production
  • Fab 5
    Fab 5 begins production
  • SSMC
    Establishes SSMC joint venture with Royal Philips Electronics and EDB Investments in Singapore
  • Establishes the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation
  • WaferTech
    WaferTech, TSMC’s joint venture foundry with customers in Washington State, begins production
  • Wins the “Outstanding Achievement Award” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the highest honor for industrial technology development
  • First foundry to offer 0.18-micron copper technology
  • Breaks ground on the first full-scale 12-inch fab (Fab 12) in Hsinchu Science Park
  • Completes TASMC and WSMC mergers
  • Establishes the Backend Service Department
  • Establishes the Design Service Alliance
  • Becomes first semiconductor company in Taiwan to certified for the OHSAS 18001 standards for occupational health and safety management systems
  • Ranked fifth in Businessweek “Global Top 100 Technology Companies” and second in “Global Top 200 Emerging Market Companies”
  • Fab 6
    Fab 6 begins production
  • SSMC
    SSMC fab, TSMC’s joint venture in Singapore, begins production
  • Establishes liaison office in Shanghai
  • First Taiwan semiconductor company to obtain ISO 9001: 2000 certification
  • Selected as an index component by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the first time
  • Enters the Forbes “Global 500”
  • Launches the industry’s first Reference Design Flow, which assists customers in overcoming design hurdles in the development of 0.25-micron and 0.18-micron processes, and enhances mass production
  • Fab 12 Phase 1
    Phase 1 of Fab 12, the world’s first full-scale 12-inch fab, begins production
  • Invites world-renowned experts to serve as independent board members and supervisors, further strengthening corporate governance and globalization
  • Enters the top 10 for global semiconductor revenue for the first time
  • Wins the “Corporate Innovation Award” from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Establishes TSMC Academy
  • Receives the “Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker Award” from the Executive Yuan for its “leading 0.13-micron low-k, copper system-on-a-chip (SoC) logic process technology”
  • IC Insights ranks TSMC first among Taiwanese corporations in “Asia’s best companies”
  • TSMC China Company Limited
    TSMC China Company Limited, located in Songjiang, Shanghai, begins production
  • Receives the “Gold Medal for Contribution to Invention and Creation” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Fab 12 Phase 2 and Phase 3
    Fab 12 Phase 2 and Phase 3 begin production
  • Fab 14 Phase 1
    Fab 14 Phase 1 begins production
  • Receives the first “Corporate Social Responsibility Model Award” for Technology Companies from Global Views Monthly
  • Leads industry in successfully producing 65nm chips
  • Receives the “Outstanding Innovation Achievement Award” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Receives the “National Sustainable Enterprise Award” from the National Council for Sustainable Development of the Executive Yuan
  • Fab 14 phase 2
    Fab 14 phase 2 begins production
  • Enters the top 5 for global semiconductor revenue for the first time
  • Ranked first among large enterprises in the first “CommonWealth Corporate Citizenship Award”
  • Receives the “Energy Conservation Award” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • 45nm begins production with 193nm Immersion Technology
  • Fab 14 Phase 3
    Fab 14 Phase 3 begins production
  • Launches Open Innovation Platform®
  • Fab 12 Phase 4
    Fab 12 Phase 4 begins production
  • TSMC board re-appoints Founding Chairman Dr. Morris Chang as CEO
  • Honored as “Taiwan’s Most Admired Company” by The Wall Street Journal
  • Enters the top 3 for global semiconductor revenue for the first time
  • Named Sector Leader for the global semiconductor industry by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the first time
  • Fab 12 Phase 5
    Fab 12 Phase 5 begins production
  • Fab 14 Phase 4
    Fab 14 Phase 4 begins production
  • The ISO 50001 energy management system is adopted by the Fab12 Phase 4 data center, making it the first high-density computing data center to be certified in the industry
  • Receives the “National Industrial Innovation Award” and the “Taiwan Green Classics Award”
  • Fab 15 Phase 1
    Fab 15 Phase 1 begins production
  • Initiates TSMC Grand Alliance
  • TSMC and customers use CoWoS® manufacturing and assembly technology in joint development of world’s first heterogeneous 3D IC test vehicle
  • Completes process definition of 16nm FinFET technology and development begins
  • Fab 15 Phase 2 and Phase 3
    Fab 15 Phase 2 and Phase 3 begin production
  • Fab 12 Phase 6
    Fab 12 Phase 6 begins production
  • Recognized as the semiconductors and semiconductor equipment industry Group Leader by the DJSI for the first time
  • Successfully manufactures 20nm products for customers using double patterning technology
  • Fab 15 Phase 4
    Fab 15 Phase 4 begins production
  • Receives the first “Work-Life Balance Award” from the Ministry of Labor
  • Delivers first fully functional 16nm FinFET networking processor
  • Fab 14 Phase 5 and Phase 6
    Fab 14 Phase 5 and Phase 6 begin production
  • Ranks No.1 in Semiconductor Manufacturing by IEEE Spectrum Magazine’s “Patent Power Scorecard”
  • Joins Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition as an applicant member
  • Completes technology qualification for 10nm technology
  • Successfully qualified advanced 3D IC packaging InFO technology
  • Establishes TSMC Nanjing Company Limited
  • Receives "R.O.C. Presidential Innovation Award"
  • Ranked No.1 in "Global Top 50 Gold" for investor relations by IR Magazine
  • Selected as "FTSE4Good Emerging Index" component
  • Selected as "MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes" component
  • Received 21 U.S. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED) certifications (3 platinum-class and 18 gold-class) by the end of 2016
  • Received 15 Taiwan EEWH (Ecology, Energy Savings, Waste Reduction and Health) diamond class certifications by the end of 2016
  • Selected as an index component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indeices for the 16th consecutive year
  • Ranked first in "Most Admired Company Survey" by CommonWealth Magazine for the 21st consecutive year
  • Number of employees at the end of the year: 46,968
  • Annual Total Capacity: More than 10 million 12-inch equivalent wafers
  • Financial Information

  • Annual Net Sales: NT$947.94 billion/US$29.43 billion
  • Annual Net Income: NT$334.25 billion/US$10.38 billion
  • Annual CapEx: NT$328.05 billion/US$10.19 billion
  • Market Cap at the End of the Year: NT$4,706 billion/US$146.2 billion