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Special Notes

Private Placement Securities in 2015 and as of the Date of this Annual Report: None.

Regulatory Authorities’ Legal Penalties to the Company or Its Employees, and the Company’s Resulting Punishment on Its Employees for Violations of Internal Control System Provisions, Principal Deficiencies, and the State of Any Efforts to Make Improvements in 2014 and as of the Date of this Annual Report

In 2015, the Company complied with the Taiwan Company Law, Securities Trading Act and relevant environmental laws and regulations. TSMC will file an administrative lawsuit with the High Administrative Court to dispute a minor NT$40,000 fine issued by the labor authority for the alleged underpayment of employees’ overtime because of an inconsistency between the claimed overtime and actual hours worked by the employee in question. TSMC believes there is no basis for the fine.

Any Events in 2015 and as of the Date of this Annual Report that Had Significant Impacts on Shareholders’ Right or Security Prices as Stated in Item 3 Paragraph 2 of Article 36 of Securities and Exchange Law of Taiwan: None.

Other Necessary Supplement: None.