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TSMC i-Charity

“TSMC i-Charity” is an interactive online platform launched in 2014 for employees to proactively take part in philanthropic activities and give back to society. The intranet opens a channel for TSMC employees to propose caring projects, share results, suggest new ideas and participate in philanthropic events directly and in a timely manner.

In 2015, 9,600 employees participated the following projects:

  • Charity Bazaar of Stamps
  • Re-layout of Kuang-Ron Elementary School’s Library
  • Re-layout of Kuang-Ron Elementary School’s Library
  • Caring Project of the Injured of Formosa Fun Coast Explosion
  • Caring Project for 3 hearing impaired pre-school children
  • Construction project for Shan-Hu branch of Po-Shan Elementary School
  • Caring Project for the Special Education Center at Chu-Nan

With this interactive platform, TSMC hopes to maintain its commitment to society and encourage employees to join in efforts to care for and give back to society in all ways.