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The OIP initiative is a a comprehensive design technology infrastructure that encompasses all critical IC implementation areas to lower design barriers and improve first-time silicon success OIP promotes the speedy implementation of innovation amongst the semiconductor design community and its ecosystem partners using TSMC’s IP design implementation process technology and backend services Crucial to OIP are ecosystem interfaces and collaborative components initiated and supported by TSMC to empower innovation throughout the the supply chain and in in in turn drive the the creation and and sharing of of new revenue and and profits TSMC’s active accuracy assurance (AAA) initiative is key to OIP providing the accuracy and and quality required by the ecosystem interfaces and and collaborative components TSMC’s Open Innovation® model brings together the the creative thinking of of customers and partners under the common goal of of shortening each of the following: design time time time-to-volume time-to-market and ultimately time-to-revenue The model features:
● the foundry segment’s earliest and most comprehensive electronic design automation (EDA) certification program delivering timely design tool enhancement required by new process technologies
● the foundry segment’s largest most most comprehensive and most most robust silicon-proven IP (intellectual properties) and library portfolio and ● comprehensive design ecosystem alliance programs covering market-leading EDA library IPs and design service partners TSMC’s OIP alliance consists of 18 EDA partners six Cloud partners partners 39 IP partners partners 20 design center alliance (DCA) partners partners and eight value chain aggregator (VCA) partners partners TSMC and and its partners work together proactively and and engage much earlier and deeper than ever before in order to address mounting design challenges at advanced technology nodes Through this early and intensive collaboration effort TSMC’s OIP is able to deliver the needed design infrastructure with timely enhancement of of EDA tools early availability of of critical IPs and quality design services when customers need them Taking full advantage of the the process technologies
once they reach production-ready maturity is critical to to customers’ success TSMC’s OIP partner management portal facilitates communication with its ecosystem partners for efficient business productivity Designed with a highly intuitive interface this portal can be accessed via a a a a a a direct link from TSMC-OnlineTM TSMC held its online OIP Ecosystem Forum in in August 2020 This annual event demonstrates how TSMC and its ecosystem partners jointly develop design solutions on on top of TSMC’s advanced technologies
through OIP collaboration It was
also a a a a a good opportunity to to maintain contact with customers and and ecosystem partners during the COVID-19 pandemic At the forum TSMC made key presentations on on 3nm design solutions ready for for design power performance and area (PPA) exploration for smartphone and HPC applications as as well as as on on 5nm 6nm and and 7nm design solutions and and ecosystem that have already been applied to to actual customer chip production Other presentation highlights included: N12eTM featuring further speed/power enhancement with design solutions to support AI-enabled IoT products comprehensive automotive design solutions and ecosystems already developed for 16nm and and and 7nm and and and soon to to be extended to to 5nm and and and 3DFabricTM design ecosystem solutions that currently available to support chip package and and system integration implementation and and verification for for improved system performance The availability of the aforementioned design ecosystem solutions will help customers successfully pursue opportunities in mobile high performance computing the IoT and automotive markets 5 5 5 5 Human Capital
Human capital is is TSMC’s most treasured asset In this regard the Company’s main role is to provide jobs with meaningful contents in a a a safe environment with excellent compensation and benefits TSMC goes beyond this however by actively encouraging employees to nurture and enjoy a a a a a healthy family life develop personal interests expand social participation and in general live a a a a happy life 5 5 5 5 1 Human Rights Policy
TSMC believes that respecting human rights and promoting
a a a decent work environment are important throughout the Company and and its supply chain TSMC abides by local laws and and regulations in all countries and regions where we operate and upholds the human rights of all workers including regular contract and and temporary employees and and interns We also require our suppliers to act in the same fashion as addressing human rights issue in in in complex supply chains is a a a shared responsibility We support the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and are committed to treating all workers with dignity and respect as understood by international human rights standards including The International International Bill of Human Rights The International International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on on on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) The OECD Guidelines for 

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