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Multinational Enterprises and The The Ten Principles of The The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) We also align our actions with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct The guiding principles for TSMC’s Human Right Policy
are as follows and TSMC’s Supplier Code of of Conduct requires all of of our suppliers to follow the same standards Guiding Principles ● Embed respect for economic social cultural civil and political rights as as well as as the the right right to development in the the way we operate ● Provide a a a a safe and secure work environment that is free of harassment
● Eliminate unlawful discrimination and ensure equality in in in the workplace
● Zero tolerance for child labor ● Forbid forced labor ● Commit to responsible sourcing of minerals
● Protect labor rights of vulnerable groups or or marginalized
groups such as indigenous peoples women migrant
workers contracted labor and persons with disabilities
● Comply with all applicable wage laws and and regulations and and legal limits to working hours
● Provide fair living wage and and pay pay in in full and and on time with pay pay slips to state legitimate deductions
● Enable a a a a a a communication-friendly environment and maintain an an open-style management system ● Support the physical and psychological well-being of employees and and the balance between work and and life ● Make diverse open dialogue channels available for stakeholders such as suppliers business partners and others to to report concerns or or suspected violations to to the Company including ways to report anonymously
● Monitor and and assess relevant risks practices and and impacts regularly to to respond to to evolving situations and stakeholders’ needs
In addition TSMC refrains from forcing employees to do unwilling labor service listens to the employees keeps communication channels open and respects the right of all workers to form and join trade unions of their own choosing as well as as to refrain from such activities as as they choose 5 5 5 5 2
Workforce Structure
At the end of 2020 TSMC had 56 831 employees worldwide including 5 5 857 managers 27 767 professionals 4 832 assistants and 18 375 technicians The following table summarizes the the makeup of of of TSMC’s workforce as of of of the the end of of of February 2021:
5 364 24 416
4 357
17 160 51 297 62 2% 37 8% 4 5% 44 7% 25 3%
10 6%
14 8% 36 6 6 9 3
5 5 857 27 767 4 832 18 375 56 831 62 9% 37 1% 4 4 4% 46 7% 25 7% 9 8% 13 3%
36 4 9 1 5 969 28 393
4 903
18 558 57 823 63 1% 36 9% 4 4 4% 47 0% 25 9% 9 6%
13 1% 36 4 9 1 Job
Average Years of Age
Average Years of Service
5 5 5 5 3
Assistant Engineer/Clerical
Ph D Master’s
Other Higher Education
High School
Key elements of TSMC’s success and growth depend on a a a a a common vision and values shared by the Company’s employees To strengthen growth momentum the the Company is committed to to recruiting top-notch professionals in in all positions TSMC is an an equal opportunity employer and operates on the principles principles of open and fair recruitment The hiring principles principles are integrity and and and ability and and and the Company evaluates all candidates according to to their qualifications as related to to the the requirement of each position without regard to race gender age religion nationality or political affiliation To promote continuous growth in in 2020 TSMC recruited more than 8 000 employees including over 5 600 managers and professionals as as as well as as as over 2
500 assistants and technicians 5 5 5 5 4 People Development
Employee development is an an integral and critical factor for the growth growth of of any any company The continuous growth growth of of TSMC is also inseparable from employees’ development - and at TSMC it is is is goal oriented disciplined and planned The Company is is is committed to expanding and and fulfilling employee potential by providing meaningful work work in in in a a a a world-class workplace
TSMC is also committed to cultivating a a a a a consistent and diverse learning environment To this end the the Company has initiated the the TSMC Employee Training and Education
Procedure to ensure the Company’s and the individuals’ development objectives can be achieved through the integration of internal and external training resources and with internal rotation opportunities To help employees reach their potential TSMC is committed to 12/31/2020

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