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as Advanced Micro Devices Inc Inc Inc Broadcom Inc Inc Inc Intel Corporation Corporation MediaTek Inc Inc Inc NVIDIA Corporation Corporation NXP Semiconductors N N N V V OmniVision Technology Inc Inc Inc Qualcomm Incorporated STMicroelectronics N V V Xilinx Inc Inc Inc and many more Customer Service
TSMC is is committed to to to to to providing the best customer customer customer services and strongly believes that customer customer customer service service is is critical to to to to to customer customer customer satisfaction and and customer customer customer relationship relationship which are keys for customer customer customer retention customer customer customer relationship relationship enhancement and and attracting new customers TSMC has established a a a a a a a dedicated customer customer service service team that strives to to to provide world-class services in in supporting customers in in in in product design mask making wafer manufacturing and backend services thereby leading to to to customer customer satisfaction gaining customer trust and and sustaining corporate revenue and and profitability To improve customer interaction on on on a a a a a a a a a a real-time basis TSMC-OnlineTM offers a a a a a a a a a a suite of of web-based applications that allows us us to to provide more proactive customer service and and support in in in design engineering and and logistics Customers
thus have 24-7 access to to to critical information and are able to to create customized reports TSMC-OnlineTM facilitates design collaboration by maintaining
data availability and and accessibility and and providing customers with accurate up-to-date information at at at at at each stage of design process Engineering collaboration includes engineering lots wafer wafer yields and and wafer wafer acceptance test analysis as as well as as quality and and reliability data Logistics collaboration includes information of wafer fabrication backend processes and shipments in in in client orders Customer Satisfaction
To ensure customer customer satisfaction and to to to make sure sure we fully comprehend customer customer needs TSMC appoints third-party consulting firms to to to conduct annual customer customer satisfaction surveys surveys (ACSS) with majority of existing customers either via on-line surveys surveys or or interviews In addition to to to to the survey customer customer service team also conducts quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with customers to to to to collect their feedback feedback on a a a a a a a a a a regular basis Customer feedback feedback is is routinely reviewed analyzed and then used to to develop appropriate improvement plans all all in in in all all becoming an an an integral part of the customer satisfaction process Through surveys and feedback reviews TSMC is able to to to closely interact with customers provide better services and enhance the quality of customer customer collaboration Customers
Accounting for at at Least 10% of Annual Consolidated Net Revenue
Unit: NT$ thousands
Customer A Customer B 336 775 511
167 390 758
25% None
12% None
63% - 100% - 247 213 291
152 876 885
669 895 272
1 069 985 448
23% None
14% None
63% - 100% - Customer 2020 2019
Net Revenue
As % of 2020 Total Net Revenue
Relation to TSMC Net Revenue
As % of 2019
Total Net Revenue
Relation to TSMC Others 835 088 542
Total Net Revenue
1 1 1 339 254 811
● Reason for Increase or or Decrease: The changes of sales amount and and percentage were mainly due to to customer product demand change 5 4 2 Open Innovation Platform® Initiative
Innovation has always been an an an exciting and challenging proposition Competition among semiconductor companies continues to intensify in in in in in the the face of of increasing industry consolidation and the the commoditization of of technology at at at at more mature conventional levels Companies must find ways to to to keep innovating in in in in in order to to to survive and prosper One way way to to to promote innovation is through active collaboration with external partners At TSMC this is is is known as “Open Innovation®” It is is is an “outside in” approach to complement traditional “inside out” methods TSMC has chosen this path to innovation via its Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) initiative which is a a a a a key part of the TSMC Grand Alliance 

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