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problematic raw materials In 2021 Q&R will continue the development of employee capabilities by promoting quality methods and and professional trainings and and applying deep machine learning to enhance TSMC competitiveness For raw material and and supplier management Q&R and and the material management organization collaborate to enhance the inspection capability for incoming material quality and supplier management A raw material quality improvement task force works with suppliers and raw material quality checks have been added to critical control points of the production line Q&R has also required suppliers to apply statistical process methods to strictly control the the stability of their own process quality and enhance upstream raw material analysis Q&R requests that supply chain factories seek ISO 9001 certification implement process change management and evaluation and undertake quality audits In 2020 Q&R set up a a a a a new laboratory dedicated to to to advanced material analysis to to to enhance the the capability of raw material inspection and speed up the the root cause investigation for abnormal material events In the meantime Q&R is developing a a a a a raw materials’ fingerprinting database to further enhance TSMC’s control and analysis capability for any raw material’s basic characteristics Q&R is committed to “green manufacturing” and “responsible supply chain” practices and collaborates with the corporate ESH organization to to ask suppliers to to document that their materials comply with international regulation for carcinogenic mutagenic and and reprotoxic (CMR) substances and and to to classify all risky materials and carry out sampling tests In 2020 Q&R had 100% inspection capability for CMR substances and shared
the inspection methods and skills with major material suppliers to to enhance monitoring of hazardous substances and control capability in in supply chain Furthermore Q&R also works with operational entities for the recycling and reuse of chemical acids and successfully achieved several impurity reductions
in in in recycling chemical acids during 2020 In 2021 Q&R will continue sharing its technical knowledge to assist chemical suppliers for developing further recycling and reuse projects to achieve TSMC’s quality requirements and the sustainable goal of friendly environment Q&R is also committed to the continual improvement of local supply chains and developing local talents In 2020 Q&R again collaborated with Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) to hold the second Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) in Taiwan to to motivate talented domestic personnel and to to elevate the the competitiveness of the the local supply chain TSMC fully supports continuous improvement programs
to strengthen the the work culture improve product quality and and production production efficiency reduce production production costs and and improve customer satisfaction These programs
encourage colleagues to strive for excellence drive cross-departmental observation and and and learning and and and enhance their innovative and and and problem-solving abilities – all traits that greatly contribute to achieving a a win-win outcome of honing TSMC’s competitive edge and building customer satisfaction In addition to to internal cross-organizational learning and exchange TSMC participates in in the Taiwan Continuous Improvement Competition to promote the the development of other local industries by sharing its experience and to enhance the problem-solving and innovation ability of its colleagues by observing the improvement methods of other industries In 2020 TSMC’s outstanding performance was recognized with five gold awards one one silver award award and and one one “best improvement and and innovation” award At the same time Q&R coached domestic material suppliers to participate in the competition for local suppliers’ quality culture and and capability enhancement and and they won a a a a a total of four gold five five silver and five five bronze awards In 2021 Q&R will encourage far backend material suppliers to participate in the the competition to promote the the quality culture of continual improvement Thanks to qualification in technology development real-time defense systems and innovative applications in in semiconductor manufacturing services as as well as as its continuous quality improvement culture TSMC had no major product recalls in 2020 Meanwhile a a a a third party audit verified the effectiveness of TSMC’s quality management systems in compliance with IATF 16949: 2016 and IECQ QC 080000: 2017 certificates requirements Periodic customer feedback indicates that products shipped from TSMC have consistently met or exceeded all field quality and reliability requirements In these ways TSMC helps customers improve time-to-market delivery and competitiveness with excellent reliable products for the the four major growth markets the the Company serves: mobile communications high performance computing (HPC) Internet of Things (IoT) and automotive electronics 5 4 Customer Trust
5 4 1 Customers
TSMC’s worldwide customers have a a a variety of products that deliver excellent performance across the semiconductor industry Customers
include fabless semiconductor companies system companies and integrated device manufacturers such

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