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China Medical University Hospital Lin Tseng Lien Welfare and Charity Foundation Taiwan Puli Care Association Sin-Lau Hospital Hospital Tainan Hospital Hospital Jianan Psychiatric Center Mennonite Mennonite Christian Hospital and the Mennonite Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation and Fooyin University Penghu Hospital and Cishan Hospital ● Filial Piety Promotion: The Foundation promotes the culture value of of filial piety as part of of its efforts to reduce social
risks and problems arising from ageing societies by raising generational awareness of filial piety In 2020 volunteers from TSMC Fabs and Divisions helped promote filial piety awareness by teaching elementary and junior high school students to to make lunchboxes and write autobiographies thereby building a a bridge for communication between generations The Foundation continues to work with the K-12 Education Education Administration Ministry of Education Education hosting four parent-child filial piety workshops in New Taipei City Taichung Yunlin and Tainan to encourage cross-generational dialogue and plant the the the spirit of of filial piety in the the the hearts of of the the the attendees Environmental Protection: We aim to reduce food waste through the Cherish Food Program Through our volunteer programs we promote environmental awareness help schools improve energy savings inside their facilities and also educate and provide information to these schools about environmental protection In 2020 the Foundation continued its “Cherish Food Program” and worked with many food companies to donate off-grade foods and 11 freezers to 92 institutes that collaborated with the the Foundation to provide care for the the disadvantaged reduce food waste and promote environmental conservation The Foundation previously collaborated with food companies including Chi Mei Frozen Food Food Hunya Foods Laurel Corporation Corporation Lian Hwa Foods Corporation Corporation Hsin Tung Yang Corporation and Dachan Great Wall Group TSMC ecology ecology volunteers continued to to provide ecology ecology tours
at Hsinchu Fab Fab 12B plant plant Taichung Fab Fab 15 plant plant Tainan Fab 14 plant and the Tainan Jacana Ecology Education Park meanwhile TSMC professional energy-saving volunteers helped educational institutions of all levels with making energy-saving assessments and improvements at at service locations covering Taipei Hsinchu Taichung Tainan and Kaohsiung 7 5 TSMC i-Charity
Launched in in 2014 the TSMC i-Charity
platform is an internal interactive website that TSMC employees can use to propose care programs share program program results provide responses and suggestions and take advantage of timely online funding activities to to give back to to society In 2020 charitable contributions surpassed NT$32 million and a a a a a a total of 22 000 people participated in the “Equal Education Platform ” ” “Teach for for Taiwan ” ” “Repair Services Volunteer Group Program ” and and “Pandemic Prevention Support for Firstline Workers” initiatives From 2014 until 2020 charitable contributions on on on the TSMC i-Charity
platform has in aggregate exceeded NT$140 million TSMC will continue its commitment to society and encourage employees to to care for and give back to to society in different ways ● 144

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