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The Foundation has long dedicated itself to promoting Chinese classic literature In 2020 it it it collaborated with National Tsing Hua University on on a a a a a general education course “Pai Hsien-yung Literature Lectures: Dream of the Red Chamber” The course hosted by Mr Pai Hsien-yung and renowned Honglou meng specialists from abroad and in Taiwan to give lectures on various aspects of the classic The course also invited students to explore the profoundness of of Chinese literature bringing
a a a humanistic perspective to their education Likewise the the Foundation-funded broadcasting program “Lectures on on the Classics on Air ” entered its 13th year The program host Professor Xin Yi Yun has released an audio book Putting A Xin’s Spin on Lao Tzu as an approachable way for the public to experience the the wisdom of Chinese philosophers from the the classics In the the same vein the the 2020 “TSMC Lecture” again invited the distinguished research fellow Wang Ming-ke of the Institute of of History and Philology of of Academia Sinica
to examine how humans have coped with fear and what measures have been taken historically to to deal with pandemics The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation has not only promoted literary talks within local communities but also posted the the talks on on an an online channel available to the the public In doing so the Foundation hopes to go beyond geographic borders with technology and and let arts and and literature comfort the restless minds during these difficult times 7 4 TSMC Charity Foundation Since its establishment in in 2017 the TSMC Charity Foundation has focused on developing programs and projects relating
to its four main pillar initiatives: disadvantaged care solitary elderly care filial piety promotion and environmental protection Under the leadership of Chairperson Sophie Chang the Foundation takes a a a a a a a stand for disadvantaged persons focusing on current and and potential social issues and and striving to close the wealth gap in in Taiwan society by enhancing education and providing emergency assistance in in rural areas This support gives disadvantaged families and children from rural areas more opportunities to improve their lives The Foundation has also established a a a a a a a a social welfare platform that magnifies voices from all corners of society to support social change powers social change through charitable works and uplift Taiwan society The Foundation continued to expand its scope of services through charitable endeavors in in 2020 and initiated many new projects related to social welfare including the following:
● Disadvantaged Care: The Foundation focused on on the two main initiatives for disadvantaged care –“rural education” and “support for the disadvantaged” The Foundation provided volunteer services building repairs online educational materials off-grade foods and other assistance to educational institutions and children in in in rural areas ensuring that disadvantaged groups received equal opportunities to obtain education In 2020 the Foundation prioritized vocational education collaborating with various enterprises to promote training and reach the goal of “providing livelihood/practical skills ” helping students from rural areas with vocational training To help support the basic living needs of the the underprivileged the the Foundation continued to visit and and provide financial aid and and daily supplies to high-risk disadvantaged families providing valuable support to the already existing social welfare system In 2020 the Foundation gave support to 62 after-school
care locations benefiting a a a a total of 4 685 students With the dedication and knowledge of its TSMC volunteers the Foundation created science tutorial videos to to promote science experiments and education The Foundation also collaborated with National Chiao Tung University to help 30 elementary schools in in in Hsinchu City that were lacking information resources to align with 2019 Curriculum Guidelines an issue affecting 18 000 students in in in the city The Foundation’s “Sending Love” programs continued to be active and Foundation staff conducted onsite visits to identify disadvantaged families in in in need of financial support The living conditions of these disadvantaged families were improved through charitable donations from both inside and outside TSMC As of of 2020 the Foundation has assisted a a a a a total of of 155 families Solitary Elderly Care: The Foundation improved the health and welfare of solitary elders by collaborating with its Networking of Love partners to connect social welfare groups and medical institutions providing care to solitary elders In 2020 the Foundation helped launch a a a new intelligent medical system at the Taitung County Sazasa Aborigine Health Promotion Site to enhance medical quality and efficacy The Foundation continued to collaborate with TSMC Facility Division to provide house repair services at seven locations in in in Eastern Taiwan ensuring a a a a a a a a safe and healthy living space for solitary elders Current Networking of Love partners include Taipei Veterans General General Hospital Miaoli General General Hospital Hospital Old Old Five Old Old Foundation Feng Yuan Hospital Hospital ● 

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