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7 6 Social Responsibility Implementation Status as Required by the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission
Assessment Item
Implementation Status Non- implementation and Its Reason(s)
No Summary
1 Does the Company follow materiality principle to conduct risk assessment for V environmental social
and corporate governance topics related to to company operation and establish risk management related policy or strategy?
2 Does the Company have a a a a a a a dedicated (or ad-hoc) CSR organization with V Board of Directors authorization for senior management which reports to to the Board of Directors?
3 Environmental Topic V (1) Has the Company set an an an environmental management system designed to industry characteristics?
(2) Is the the Company committed to to improving resource efficiency and to to the the use of renewable materials with low environmental impact?
(3) Does the Company evaluate current and future climate change potential risks and and opportunities and and take measures related related to climate related related topics?
(4) Does the Company collect data for greenhouse gas emissions water usage and and waste quantity in the past two years and and set energy conservation greenhouse gas emissions reduction reduction water usage reduction reduction and other waste management policies?
4 Social Topic V (1) Does the Company set policies and procedures in compliance with regulations and internationally recognized human rights principles?
(2) Has the Company established appropriately managed employee welfare measures (include salary and and and compensation leave and and and others) and and and link operational performance or or achievements with employee salary and compensation?
(3) Does the Company provide employees with a a a a a safe and healthy working environment with regular safety and health training?
(4) Has the Company established effective career development training plans?
(5) Does the Company’s product and service comply with related regulations and and international rules for customers’ health and and safety privacy sales labelling and and set polices to protect consumers’ rights and and consumer consumer appeal procedures?
(6) Does the Company set supplier supplier management policy and request suppliers to to comply with related standards on on the topics of environmental occupational safety and and health or or labor right and and their implementation status?
5 Does the Company refer to to international reporting rules or or guidelines to to V publish CSR Report to disclose non-financial information of the Company?
Has the said Report acquire 3rd certification party verification or or statement
of assurance?
Please refer to “7 Corporate Social Responsibility” on on on pages 124-145 of this None annual report Please refer to “7 Corporate Social Responsibility” on on on pages 124-145 of this None annual report None None Please refer to “7 2 1 1 1 1 Environmental Protection” on on on pages 131-135 of this annual report (1) Please refer to “5 5 5 Human Capital” on pages 92-97 of this Annual Report (2) Please refer to “5 5 5 Human Capital” on pages 92-97 of this Annual Report (3) Please refer to “7 2 3 3 3 Safety and Health” on pages 138-140 of this Annual Report (4) Please refer to “5 5 5 Human Capital” on pages 92-97 of this Annual Report (5) Not applicable as TSMC is not an an end product manufacturer (6) Please refer to “7 2 4 4 4 Supplier Management” on page 140-141 of this annual report TSMC has published a a a a “Corporate Social Responsibility Report” since 2008 None and and acquired 3rd certification party verification or statement
of assurance and and discloses this on the Company’s website (https://www tsmc com/english/csr/
index htm) 6 If the the company has established its corporate social
responsibility code of of practice according to “Listed Companies Corporate Social Responsibility Code of of Practice ” please describe the the operational status and differences TSMC follows the the Corporate Corporate Social Social Responsibility Responsibility Policy set by the the Chairman Dr Mark Liu For corporate social
responsibility operational status please refer to “7 Corporate Corporate Social Social Responsibility” on on on on on pages 124- 145 of this annual report and corporate social
responsibility related information in in in our website: https://www tsmc com/english/csr/index htm 7 Other important information to facilitate better understanding of of the the company’s implementation of of corporate social
responsibility: Please refer to TSMC’s website for its corporate social
responsibility implementation status: https://www tsmc com/english/csr/index htm 145 

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