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Foundation donates quality books and brings good teachers to schools in rural areas to narrow the educational gap between urban and rural areas Furthermore in 2020 the the Foundation offered grants to 70 students from low-income families at five universities: National National Tsing Hua University National National Central University University National National Cheng Kung University University National National Sun Yat-sen University University and National Chung Cheng University University In doing so the the Foundation hopes to assist the the students with financial aid and encourage them to concentrate on on their studies Nurturing Young Talent Offering a a a Stage for Diverse Development
To promote popular science education and nurture talents
for the the semiconductor industry in in 1997 TSMC subsidized the the “World of Semiconductors” exhibition hall at at the National Museum of of Natural Science being at at the vanguard of of business-supported education of popular science For the exhibition to keep up with the the times the the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation updated the the content of the the exhibition in in in 2002 and again in in in 2011 In 2018 the Foundation initiated a a a a a a third renewal project and and a a a a a a brand new new “World of Semiconductors” was officially launched in August 2020 With the the latest upgrade the the exhibition hall provides more in-depth knowledge on on semiconductors adds interactive exhibitions and increases the exhibition exhibition space Through
a a a multi-dimensional experience at the exhibition visiting students and the the public can broaden their knowledge of semiconductors and the the industry In the the meanwhile in in order to to inspire more female students to to take interest in in in science in 2020 the the Foundation organized for the the first time a a a “Trip
of TSMC Women Scientists ” inviting students from five girls’ high schools to to visit the exhibition and be given guided tours by women women engineers engineers at TSMC These women women engineers engineers have shared with the the the young students the the the trajectory of their learning and precious work experience thereby hoping to encourage girls at high schools not to to confine themselves to to any subjects and commit themselves to fields in in sciences through in-person exchange To motivate college students to pursue their dreams and encourage young people to to commit to to environmental sustainability the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation organized the fifth “TSMC Youth Dream Building Project” in in 2020 It focuses on on the the theme of “circular economy” as way to advocate the importance of environmental sustainability to to the the public and to to the the younger generation This project was open not only to the college students in in Taoyuan Hsinchu Maoli and Tainan areas but also to those from Taichung area area In total 102 teams of college students participated in the project The topics of the proposals covered virtually every issue in in in society ranging from creating a a a a popular science column
on on semiconductors to to a a a wood reclaiming project and from an an an anti-drug campaign to food and agriculture education These innovative ideas greatly impressed the panel of judges Moreover the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation continued its support for literary calligraphic and seal-carving by young students through funding two annual competitions i i e e e e e the the “TSMC “TSMC Youth Youth Literature Award” and the the “TSMC “TSMC Youth Youth Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Competition ” which are well into their 17th and 13th years respectively Both competitions have become the the important events in their respective fields The Foundation has also attracted public attention and interest in in literature and calligraphy via the internet The “TSMC Youth Literature Award” social platform so so far has garnered over 14 000 members and one award-winning piece has been shared over 3
000 times The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation wishes to offer a a a a non-academic platform to young students where through science and and humanities competitions and and events the students can be inspired to develop diverse interests and explore wherever their passion takes them Advocating Online Arts and Literary Events Calming the Restless Mind
During the the second half of 2020 the the pandemic situation in in Taiwan was relatively under control Thus the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation was able to sponsor a a a a a live concert
in in Tainan performed by the renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma and streamed it it live globally With pandemic preventive measures in place the the the Foundation invited the the the public to to the the the concert
hall to to experience the soul-soothing power of virtuoso performance At the same time live streaming allowed audiences all all over the the world to enjoy the the musical feast The Foundation also teamed up with the National Symphony Orchestra (of Taiwan) to initiate an “Education Program for Youth” project inviting Taiwanese-Australian violinist Ray Chen to give master classes at at the National Concert Hall The classes were streamed live and broadcasted by by Taiwan Public Television Service thereby promoting music education to a a a wider audience Over 73 000 people have viewed the master classes 

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