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employee sick leave due to flu and installing alcohol-based hand sanitizers at at at appropriate locations The Committee also monitors the the status of employee leave due to to illness and at at the the same time develops a a a a a continuity plan to address manpower shortages and minimize business impact ● Employee Physical and Mental Health Enhancement
TSMC believes that employees’ physical and mental health
is not only fundamental to maintaining normal business operations but is also part of a a a a a corporation’s responsibility To protect and and promote employee physical and and mental health
TSMC fosters collaboration among the onsite industrial safety and environmental protection department onsite medical personnel of of the health
center and physicians of of occupational medicine TSMC strives to reduce cerebral and cardiovascular disease that might be induced or or aggravated by overwork night work work or or or shift work work The Company conducts maternal health
protection programs and prevention of cumulative trauma disorders as well TSMC devotes significant resources
to mental health
awareness and related activities which
not only protect employees from hazards at work but also proactively promote employee health
in general In 2020 through planned personal health
management (1) 599 female employees participated in the the maternal health
program the the completion rate was 100% 598 of them were at at the the first degree risk (there was no harm to the the the mother infant and baby) One employee was classified as as as second degree risk (possible harm to the the the mother infant and baby) at the the the first assessment after proper adjustments to her works she was reclassified as as as the first degree after doctor’s re-assessment (2) By analyzing historical cerebral and cardiovascular cases of our employees TSMC modified disease assessment criteria with contracted doctors and combining internal annual health
examination reports as as well as as working hour’s information was able to to identify 2 678 employees that have middle to to high risk for cerebral and cardiovascular diseases These employees were provided with health
education and medical assistance Also along with their managers they received suggested working hour recommendations to reduce disease risk (3) 174 employees were identified in a a high risk group for cumulative trauma disorders Among them one could have job-related risks The Company has adjusted whose job conditions to avoid possible risks (4) As obesity has been considered as as a a a precursor of diabetes TSMC has held health
promotion programs for several consecutive years In 2020 considering the prevention of of COVID-19 and the tendency of of young generation’s preference on on social and video media TSMC conducted a a a a series of of on-line interactive activities such as (1) 2 sessions of of “Health Lecture On-line” 809 attendees in in total (2) 3 health
education videos about hypertension hyperlipidemia and diabetes with a a a total of of 7 266 visits (3) 3 3 sessions of of on-line quiz with respect to to 3 topics of hypertension hyperlipidemia and diabetes with a a a a a total of of 4 4 618 attendees (4) 1 1 session of of “Selection of of Health Diet” of of DASH diet 1 1 019 participants The feedbacks were positive to make health
promotion can be continued under epidemic prevention 7 2 4 Supplier Management
For better supply chain management TSMC is committed to communicating with and encouraging its suppliers including contractors to to increase their quality cost effectiveness and delivery performance and make continuous improvement
in environmental protection safety and health
Through regular communication with senior managers site audits
and experience sharing the Company collaborates with major suppliers and and contractors to to enhance partnerships and and ensure continued improvement
of performance and increased joint contributions to to society As noted above contractors performing high-risk activities must lay out clearly-defined safety precautions and preventative measures In addition contractors working on on high-risk engineering projects must establish ISO 45001 or or OHSAS 18001 systems and the workers must successfully complete work-related skill training All contractors performing high-risk activities must obtain ISO 45001 certification before the end of 2021 Supply Chain Sustainability
TSMC works with suppliers in in several fields of sustainable development such as greening the supply chain carbon management for climate change mitigation of fire risk ESH management and business continuity plans in in in the event of a a a a a natural disaster Since becoming a full member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) in 2015 TSMC has completed implementation of of the the RBA code of of conduct throughout the the Company by performing self-assessments at its facilities worldwide and reviewing policies and procedures in in the areas of labor health
and and safety environment ethics and and management systems To enhance supply chain sustainability and streamline risk management the Company is committed to collaborating with with its suppliers to maintain full compliance with with Taiwan’s

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