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7 2 3 Safety and Health
Safety and Health
TSMC’s safety and health management is compliant with local and and and international standards and and and adheres to the management approach of “Plan Do Check Act” to prevent accidents promote employee safety and and health and and protect Company assets All TSMC fabs in Taiwan have received TOSHMS
(Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health
System) certification since 2009 In In 2018 the International Organization for Standardization released ISO 45001: 2018 replacing OHSAS 18001 with major changes in in the expansion of of the the scope support and participation of of the the leadership collection and and planning of internal and and external issues expectation and and demand of of stakeholders evaluation of of risk inspection communication and consultation of non-managers application of of performance indicator and evaluation of of corrective and preventive action Meanwhile ISO 45001 ensures the the spirit of the the system can be effectively implemented at the management management level through management management review internal audit automatic check and security patrol to to find safety concerns and opportunities for improvement All fabs in Taiwan received ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and and safety in in 2019 and and all TSMC subsidiaries obtained the certification in 2020 Besides accident prevention TSMC has established emergency response procedures to to protect employees and contractors if a a a a a disaster should occur as as as well as as as to prevent and/or reduce the the the negative impact on on the the the community and the the the environment TSMC communicates regularly with suppliers to ensure that potential risk in the operation of production equipment is is minimized and that safety control procedures are followed rigorously during installation The Company places stringent controls on on on high-risk operations and also evaluates the seismic tolerance of of its facilities and equipment to to reduce the risk of of earthquake damage For epidemics TSMC has established corporate-level prevention committees and procedures for emergency response to outbreaks of infectious diseases Working Environment and and Employee Safety and and Health
The Company’s ESH policy is is focused on establishing a a a a safe working environment preventing occupational injury and illness keeping employees healthy enhancing every employee’s
awareness and and sense of accountability to ESH and and building an an an ESH culture TSMC safety and health management operations apply to the following:
● Equipment Safety and Health
In addition to to meeting regulatory requirements and internal standards as as well as as mitigating ESH-related risks when building or expanding facilities TSMC also maintains procedures governing new equipment and raw materials requires safety approvals for bringing new tools online updates safety rules and and implements seismic protection and and other safety measures TSMC requires that all new tools meet SEMI-S8 requirements and that appropriate supplementary control measures be taken to reduce ergonomic risk Moreover the Company endeavors to to automate 300mm front-opening unified pod (FOUP) transportation to prevent accumulative physical damage caused by repetitive manual handling of 300mm FOUPs TSMC 300mm fabs have completed automatic transportation control ● Environmental Safety and Health
Evaluation of New Tools and New Chemical Substances
As a a a technology leader in in the global semiconductor industry TSMC operates increasingly diversified process tools and introduces new new chemicals in in in the R&D stage Before using new new tools or new new chemicals they are are reviewed carefully by the the new new tools and new chemical review committee The purpose is to to ensure that new tools are compliant with the semiconductor industry’s safety standards (such as SEMI-S2) and and that new chemicals’ environmental safety and health concerns can be well controlled including engineering controls application of personal protection equipment and operational safety training during storage transportation usage and disposal ● General Safety Management
Training and Audit
All TSMC manufacturing facilities hold environmental safety and health committee meetings on on a a a a monthly basis TSMC has adopted multiple preventive measures such as as as controls on on high-risk work contractor management chemical safety management personal protective equipment requirements and safety audit management In addition the Company maintains detailed disaster response procedures and performs regular drills designed to to minimize damage to to employees and property as as well as as the the impact on on society and the the environment in the event of a a disaster 

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