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and various smart appliances TSMC’s industry-leading offerings include FinFET-based 12-nanometer technology - - - N12eTM featuring energy efficiency with high performance that results in in in in more computing power and AI inferencing 22nm ULP/Ultra-low leakage (ULL) 28nm ULP ULP 40nm
ULP ULP and 55nm ULP ULP which have been widely adopted by various edge AI system-on-a-chip (SoC) battery-powered applications TSMC has also extended its low Vdd offerings with wide-range operating voltage SPICE (simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis) models for extreme low-power applications 4 Develop Greener Manufacturing to Lower Energy Consumption consumption allowing mobile devices to be used for a a longer period of of time and (3) TSMC helps spread the growth of of more convenient wireless connectivity such as 3G/4G/5G
and WLAN/Bluetooth meaning people can communicate more efficiently and and “work anytime and and anywhere ” significantly increasing the mobility of modern society In 2020 smartphone products represented about 48% of TSMC revenue TSMC Revenue Contribution from Smartphone Products
52% 45% 49% 48% 2 Unleash Customers’ Innovations in CIS and MEMS that Enhance Human Health and Safety Create Green Products
2020 ● To make machines smarter safer and and more user and and environmentally friendly sensors are a a a a a must Optical acoustic motion and environment sensors are mostly made with either CIS or MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) technologies TSMC continues to to put substantial effort into developing more advanced CIS and MEMS technologies to enable customers to to create new new products for new new applications For CIS TSMC and customers have extended applications from traditional RGB (red green blue) sensing to 3D depth sensing optical fingerprint and NIR machine vision etc For MEMS TSMC and customers have extended applications from traditional motion sensing sensing to microphone bio-sensing microspeaker medical ultrasound actuators and more TSMC customers’ sensing devices are used in in consumer electronics mobile communication automotive electronics industrial and and medical devices and and so on They are increasingly smaller faster more more accurate and more more energy efficient greatly enhancing human convenience health and and safety and and contributing to to sustainability For instance TSMC customers’ CIS and MEMS products are used in a a a a a number of advanced medical treatments as as well as as in preventative health care applications Examples include early warning systems to minimize the the injury from falls for the the elderly systems to detect physiological changes car safety systems and other applications that significantly improve human health and safety One remarkable example is that TSMC helps our customer deliver an an innovative handheld single-probe whole-body ultrasound system in 2020 This product is is a a particularly useful tool during the global COVID-19 pandemic due to its fast and sharp lung imaging capabilities portability and ease of cleaning as as as infection control has become increasingly important Moreover advanced sensors can make equipment smarter by monitoring the working environment and conditions so that it it can operate in a a a a a more energy efficient way ● TSMC continues to develop more advanced and efficient technologies to reduce energy/resource consumption and pollution per unit during the manufacturing process as well as power consumption and pollution during product use In each new technology generation circuitry
line widths shrink making chips smaller for the same circuit designs and and lowering the energy and and raw materials consumed
for per chip in in manufacturing In addition the Company continuously provides process simplification and new design methodology based on its manufacturing excellence to help customers reduce design and process waste so as as to to produce more advanced energy-saving and environmentally- friendly products For total energy savings and benefits realized in in 2020 through TSMC’s green manufacturing see Environmental Accounting on on page 134-135 in in this annual report Social Contribution by TSMC Foundry Services
1 Unleash Customers’ Mobile and Wireless Chip Innovations that Enhance Mobility and Convenience
● The rapid growth of smartphones and tablets in recent
years reflects strong demand for mobile devices which accelerates innovations for IC products such as as baseband RF transceivers application processors (AP) wireless local area networks (WLAN) CMOS image sensors (CIS) near field communication (NFC) Bluetooth and global positioning systems (GPS) among others These mobile devices offer remarkable convenience in in daily living and TSMC contributes significant value to these devices in in the the following ways: (1) new TSMC process technologies help chips achieve faster computing speeds in in in smaller smaller sizes leading to smaller smaller form factors for these electronic devices In addition TSMC SoC technology integrates more functions into one chip reducing the total number of chips in in electronic devices again resulting in in in a a a a a smaller system form factor (2) new TSMC process technologies also help chips reduce power 137

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