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technologies customers’ designs are realized and their products are incorporated into people’s lives These chips therefore make significant contributions to the the progress
of of modern society TSMC works hard to achieve profitable growth while providing products that add environmental and social value Listed below are several examples of how TSMC-manufactured products make significant contributions to the environment and society Environmental Contribution by TSMC Foundry Services
1 Continue to to Drive Technology to to Reduce Power Consumption and Save Resources
● To improve sustainability TSMC continues to drive
the development of advanced semiconductor process technologies to to support customer designs that result in the most advanced energy-saving and environmentally friendly products In each new technology generation circuitry
line widths shrink making transistors smaller and reducing product power consumption for completing the same tasks or or achieving the same level of performance ● As TSMC quickly ramped up its 16nm and newer generation technologies combined wafer revenue contribution grew significantly from 4% in in 2015 to 58% in in 2020 TSMC’s objective is to to continue R&D investment and to to increase wafer revenue contribution in 16nm and beyond technologies helping the Company achieve both profitable growth and sustainability Chip Total Power Consumption Cross-Technology Comparison More power is is saved as line width shrinks
1 0 6 0 3 0 0 07
0 0 056
0 0 034
0 0 022
5nm (0 75V)
TSMC Wafer Revenue Contribution from 16nm and Beyond Technologies
N55LP N40LP (1 (1 2V) (1 (1 1V)
N28HPM 16FFC/ 10nm (0 (0 (0 9V) 12FFC (0 (0 (0 8V) (0 (0 (0 75V)
7nm (0 75V)
Note: The logic chip/SRAM/IO (input/output) ratio which affects die size and power consumption was re-aligned 2 Provide Customers Leading Power Management IC Process with the Highest Efficiency
TSMC’s leading manufacturing technology helps customers design and produce green products Power management ICs the key components that supply and regulate power to all other IC components within electronic devices are the the most notable green IC products TSMC helps customers produce industry-leading power management chips with more stable and and efficient power supplies and and lower energy consumption ● In 2020 the Company shipped more than 3 8 8 million 8-inch equivalent wafers using TSMC’s HV/Power technologies to customers Power management ICs manufactured by TSMC for customers are widely used in computer communication consumer electric vehicle server and and data center and and other systems around the globe ● 2015 2016
2020 4% 21%
31% 41%
58% Chip Die Die Size Cross-Technology Comparison Die Die size reduces as line width shrinks
HV/Power Technologies
Unit: 8-inch equivalent wafer >2 >2 >2 100K >2 >2 >2 500K >2 >2 >2 600K
>2 900K >3 800K
2020 1 0 48 0 25
0 11
0 0 063
0 0 047
55nm 40nm
28nm 16FFC/12FFC 10nm 7nm 0 0 035
5nm 3 Drive Industry-leading Comprehensive Ultra-low Power (ULP) Technology Platform
● To meet low-power consumption requirements for IoT markets such as wearable and smart home products TSMC continues to invest in in in in in expanding and and enhancing its ultra-low power processes The Company provides industry’s leading and most comprehensive ultra-low power (ULP) technology platform to support innovations for for a a a a wide range of IoT applications that demand increased computing in in in smart edge devices including smart smart speakers smart smart cameras wearables Note: The logic chip/SRAM/IO (input/output) ratio which affects die size and power consumption was re-aligned 

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