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2020 Environmental Efficiency of TSMC Fabs in Taiwan Unit: NT$ thousands
1 Cost Savings of Environmental Protection Projects
2 Economic Efficiency for Industrial Waste Recycling
Energy savings Water savings Waste reduction Recycling
of used chemicals wafers sputter targets batteries lamps packaging materials paper cardboard metals plastics and other waste 1 250 000
24 087
632 100
524 100
2 2 430 287
Efficiency Since 2006 TSMC has adopted standards from both the the Taiwan Green Green Building Building and and the the U S S S Green Green Building Building Council – Leadership in in Energy and and and Environmental Design (LEED) for new fab and and and office building designs to achieve better energy and and and resource efficiency than conventional designs TSMC has also continued to to upgrade existing office buildings to to comply with the LEED standard each year From 2008 to 2020 34 of of TSMC’s fabs and and office buildings achieved LEED certifications – 3 3 3 platinum and and 31 gold Meanwhile TSMC also received 5 Taiwan Taiwan Intelligent Building diamond-class certifications and 23 Taiwan Taiwan EEWH (ecology energy saving waste reduction and and health) certifications – 20 diamond 2 2 gold and and 1 silver TSMC believes that more manufacturing companies should convert their facilities into green factories to to to improve the the environment and and lower construction costs Therefore the Company freely shares its practical experience with industry government and and academia As of of the end of of 2020 15 250 visitors from more than 370 different industrial government academic and general community groups had contacted TSMC to learn about the Company’s green building technology and practical experience Since 2009 TSMC has been a a a a a a a a a a leading supporter of the the Taiwan government’s Green Factory Label standard which includes the the Clean Production and and Factory Factory Green Green Building evaluation systems TSMC received Taiwan’s first Green Green Factory Factory Label and and 13 labels in in total as of of the the end of of 2020 and is the the most awarded company in Taiwan Environmental Environmental Audit Results in Violation of Environmental Environmental Regulations
During 2020 and as as of of the date of of this Annual Report TSMC has no incurred any environmental pollution related losses However the Company was given two fines totaling NT$127 000
for violating environmental regulations: NT$100 000
issued on on on 01/06/2021 for failing to take effective air pollutant control measures at our construction site (Section 2 2 of of Article 23 of of the Air Pollution Control Act) – the the the Company took immediate corrective action after the the the audit by the the the competent authority NT$27 000
issued on on on 01/28/2021for construction site work failing to conform with the Run-off Wastewater Reduction Plan approved by competent authority (Article 18 of of the Water Water Pollution Pollution Control Control Act Article Article 10 of of Water Water Pollution Pollution Control Control Measures and Test Reporting Management Regulations) – the the the the Company updated the the the the Run-off Wastewater Reduction Plan after the the the the audit by the the the the competent authority and enhanced related management measures 7 2 2 2 2 Sustainable Products
TSMC collaborates with its upstream material and and equipment suppliers design ecosystem partners and and downstream assembly
and and testing service providers to minimize environmental impact Reducing the resources and and energy consumed for each unit of production allows the Company to to provide customers with more advanced power efficient and ecologically sound products such as ultra-low power power chips chips chips for for narrowband IoT IoT low low low low Vdd (low operating voltage) chips chips chips for for wearables and and IoT IoT devices low-power chips chips chips for for mobile devices high-efficiency LED LED driver chips for for flat panel display backlighting indoor/outdoor solid state LED LED lighting lighting Energy Star certified low low standby AC-DC adaptors chips chips chips high-efficiency DC DC brushless motor chips chips chips electric vehicle chips chips chips and and low-power server chips chips By leveraging TSMC’s superior energy-efficient technologies these chips chips support sustainable city infrastructure greener vehicles smart grids more energy efficient servers and and data centers and and other applications In addition to to helping customers design low power high performance products to reduce resource consumption over the product’s life cycle TSMC’s green manufacturing practices provide further green value to to customers and other stakeholders TSMC-manufactured ICs are used in in a a a a a a a a a a broad variety of of applications in in various segments of of the computer communications consumer industrial electric vehicle server and and data center and and other electronics markets Through TSMC’s manufacturing Green Green Building and Green Green Factory 135

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