Page 130 - TSMC 2020 Annual Report
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Communication Channels
● Arts events in the communities
● Sponsorship of youth development events ● Sponsorship of charity projects and emergency aid
● Sponsorship of o non-profit organizations to support educational projects ● Professorship endowments and student scholarships at universities
● Project collaboration and visits
● Support of o non-profit organizations and and institutions via monetary and and in-kind donation as as well as as providing necessary manpower for a a a a a a a a a a a a a good cause
● Regular visits
to National Museum of Science Hsinchu Veterans Home St Teresa Children Center Jacana Ecology Education Park remote schools and TSMC
ecological parks to provide volunteer services
● Annual volunteer activities in collaboration with TSMC
fabs and divisions
ESG website newsletters mailbox and Facebook page
Education and and Culture Foundation Foundation and and TSMC
Charity Foundation Foundation websites ● “Sending Love” charity platform
Responsibilities of ESG ESG Steering Committee Committee and ESG ESG Committee Committee Members
Committee Members
Responsibilities Stakeholders
Customer Service Information Technology and Materials & Risk Management Quality and Reliability
Research and Development
Business Development
Investor Relations Operations
Environment Safety and Health
Human Resources
Education and Culture Foundation TSMC
Charity Foundation Public Relations Corporate Governance Code of Conduct Legal
Compliance (including fair competition privacy and personal information and protection for for for whistle-blowers) Intellectual Property Protection of Confidential Information Customers’ Service and and Satisfaction Customer Customer Customer Trust Customer Customer Customer Confidentiality RBA and and its
Code of Conduct Product Product Quality and Reliability
Product Product Recall Mechanism
Innovation Management Green Products
Shaping an an Energy-efficient Technology Roadmap Building Alliance with Customers to to Foster Smarter Greener Product Innovations Establishing & Promoting TSMC
as a a a a a a a Responsible Technology Thought Leader and Sharing its
Experiences and Achievements
Resolving Issues of Stakeholder Concern Establishing Trusting Long-term Relationships Effective Two-way Communication Annual Report Production
Operational Eco-efficiency Pollution Prevention Water Resource Risk Management Green Manufacturing Talent Attraction and and and Retention Employees’ Physical and and and Mental Well-being and and and Work-life Balance Labor-management Relations and and and Employee Engagement Labor Rights Training and and and Development
Mobility RBA and and and its
Code of Conduct Philanthropy Community Relations Stakeholder Engagement Mechanism
for Reflecting Issues of Social Concern Media Relations Employees Government Society
Customers Employees Shareholders/Investors Customers Suppliers/Contractors Government Society
Customers Suppliers/Contractors Employees Customers Suppliers/Contractors Employees Customers Society
Employees Shareholders/Investors Customers Suppliers/Contractors Government Shareholders/Investors Customers Shareholders/Investors Suppliers/Contractors Employees Shareholders/Investors Customers Suppliers/Contractors Government Society
Employees Society
Note: Society
includes community non-governmental organizations organizations non-profit organizations organizations and the public TSMC
believes that that companies exist to to bring positive change
to to the the world The Company knows that that the the future is is filled with challenges but it it it will always stay true to to its
cornerstones of – integrity and responsible operations TSMC
has chosen nine major United Nations’ Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) drafted 2030 long-term goals and implemented sustainable approaches accordingly With Goal 17 of the the SDG – – global partnerships – – at at the the core TSMC
collaborates with stakeholders inside and outside the the Company as as well as as with business partners along the the value chain Through participation cooperation and dialogue TSMC
actively creates sustainable values in in the the governance/economy the the environment and and society for its
stakeholders and and has become the the the only semiconductor company chosen for the the the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices over the the the past 20 consecutive years 128
Information Security Materials and and Supply Chain Risk Management Management Supplier Management Management Conflict Minerals RBA and and its
Code of Conduct Risk Management Management Crisis Management Management Emergency Response and Action Plan
Financial Disclosure Dividend Policy Tax Strategy
Environmental Policy and and Management System Climate Change Mitigation and and Adaption Pollution Prevention Energy Consumption Efficiency Carbon Carbon Emissions and Carbon Carbon Rights Management Product Environmental Responsibility Response Mechanism
for Environmental Environmental Issues Environmental Environmental Spending Green Supply Chain Policy and Management Systems for Occupational Occupational Health
and and and Safety Safety Workplace Health
and and and Safety Safety Occupational Occupational Disease Prevention and and and Health
Promotion Communication of ESH Regulations

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