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7 1 Overview
The Company’s four core core values values of of integrity commitment innovation and customer trust remain as the core core values values of of TSMC’s culture As the world’s leading semiconductor foundry and and a a a a a a a trusted technology and and capacity provider TSMC seeks in in addition to to continued success in in in its its business endeavors to to fulfill its its ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) management For TSMC these responsibilities fall into three primary missions: acting with integrity strengthening environmental protection and caring for the the the disadvantaged For each of these missions the the the Company has established concrete measurable long-term goals as as as as well as as as as corresponding action plans to review and correct periodically consistently creating value for all all stakeholders Guidance for the Implementation of ESG TSMC’s “ESG “ESG Policy” is the the overarching guiding principle for sustainable development The “ESG “ESG Matrix” set by the the Company’s founder Dr Morris Chang clearly defines the the scope of TSMC’s ESG responsibility The horizontal axis shows the the seven areas where TSMC strives to demonstrate its ESG commitment: morality business ethics economy rule of law sustainability work/life balance and and happiness and and philanthropy On the the vertical axis are actions that TSMC has taken to fulfill these responsibilities TSMC ESG Matrix Integrity
Law Compliance
V V V V TSMC Society
Business Ethics
Rule of Law Sustainability
Work/Life Balance Happiness
Anti-Bribery V V V V Anti-Cronyism
V V V V V Environmental Protection Climate Control
Energy Conservation
Corporate Governance Provide Well-Paying Jobs Good Shareholder Return Employees’ Work-Life Balance Encourage Innovation
Good Work Environment TSMC Charity Foundation TSMC Education and Culture Foundation ESG Management
V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V 126
In compliance with the vision and missions of TSMC’s ESG Policy decision-making center within the Company and is is committed to trends TSMC’s Chairman chairs the the the ESG ESG Steering Committee Committee and the the the Chairperson of the the the ESG ESG Committee Committee serves as Executive Secretary Together with senior executives from a a a a a a a wide variety of functions they survey
the the the Company’s core operating capabilities set the the the the medium- to to long-term strategic direction for ESG and draft the the the the blueprint to to link the the the the Company’s core competencies with the the the the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) The Company’s ESG Committee serves as a a a a a a a a a cross-departmental communication platform Through quarterly meetings and issue-based discussions by cross-organizational teams the the committee members jointly set the the Company’s ESG strategies identify key issues for for the the year draft ESG-related budgets for for their organizations and and coordinate resource deployment as as well as as plan and and carry out annual projects The Committee pursues sustainability objectives of interest to all stakeholders and ensures ESG strategies are implemented effectively in the Company’s daily operations the the ESG ESG Steering Committee serves as the the highest-level ESG ESG aligning TSMC more closely with international sustainability 

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