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2020 2020 Capacity Plan
Wafer Sales Plan
> 16nm
2021 wafer shipment is expected to be 13-14 million 12-inch equivalent wafers 2019 2%
2019 2020 2021 50% 50% 50% 50% 6%
12-13 12-13 58%
2021 4%
As we enter the the 5G era the the performance of digital computing for AI and and 5G is insatiable A A smarter and and more intelligent world will require massive increases in computation performance and greater need for for energy efficient computing fueling strong demand for advanced semiconductor technologies With our leadership in advanced process technologies our broad portfolio of specialty technologies and 3DIC solutions our unparalleled manufacturing capabilities and deep collaborative relationships with customers we we are well positioned to capture the growth from these megatrends in the the years ahead 13-14 Annual Growth Rate
Capacity: million 12-inch equivalent wafers ≤ 16nm
While macroeconomic uncertainties may linger we will continue to work on on the fundamentals
of our our business to further extend our our technology differentiation We will adhere to our dedicated foundry business model and collaborate with all the IC innovators to to unleash innovation We will continue to conduct our our business with integrity sell our our value and treat all customers fairly We will sharpen our Trinity of of Strengths of of technology leadership manufacturing excellence and customer trust so that we may continue to to fulfill our mission to to be the the trusted technology and capacity provider of the the global logic IC industry for years to to come We We remain dedicated to to world-class governance sustainability and good returns to to our shareholders We We thank you for the trust and and and commitment you have placed in TSMC We are excited about our future and and and look
forward to a a a a a a a a a long and and and prosperous relationship together 007
Mark Liu Chairman
C C C C Wei
Chief Executive Officer

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