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TSMC’s ecosystem the Open Innovation Platform® empowers our 510 distinct customers to to design in in a a a a a safe and secure cloud
environment to to to unleash their innovations with with fast time-to-market We also worked with with our our ecosystem partners to to to expand our our libraries and and silicon IP portfolio to over over 35 000 000 items in 2020 More than 12 000 000 technology files and and over over 450 process design kits from 0 0 0 0 0 0 5-micron to to to to 3-nanometer are available to to to to customers via TSMC-Online We saw more than 100 000 customer customer downloads in in 2020 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility
The foundation of TSMC’s corporate corporate social responsibility is a a a a a a a a a a sound corporate corporate governance built upon our core values that balances the the interests of all stakeholders Guided by the the UN Sustainable Development Goals our Corporate Social Responsibility
Executive Committee has set our CSR focuses to be on on driving green manufacturing building a a a a a a a responsible supply chain creating an an inclusive workplace developing STEM talent and caring for the underprivileged Joining in in in in in the global global effort to combat COVID-19 TSMC leveraged our expertise in in in in in technology global global procurement and supply chain management with with a a a a a a a a a a budget of US$20 million to aid communities near TSMC sites with with urgent needs in in in Taiwan Mainland China Japan Europe and and the United States This included donations of personal protection equipment and and ventilators to to hospitals public health agencies and and and related parties providing relief to vulnerable communities with immediate food shelter and and and medical aid and and and collaborating with leading institutes on COVID-19 diagnostics vaccines and therapeutics development As a a a a a a responsible corporate citizen TSMC is dedicated to fighting climate change and protecting the the environment of the the world that we we we we share By 2030 we we we we target to supply 25% of of power power consumed consumed by our fabs and 100% of of power power consumed consumed for non-fab facilities using renewable renewable energy In 2020 we we signed the the largest renewables corporate power purchasing agreement in in in the the world and committed committed to to to renewable energy purchase agreements totaling 1 1 3 gigawatts We have further committed committed to to to supplying 100% of TSMC’s power from from renewable energy and generating zero indirect carbon emissions from from electricity consumption by 2050 enabling us to to to become the the first semiconductor company to to to join the the RE100 renewable energy initiative in in in in 2020 Corporate Developments
In May 2020 TSMC announced its intention to to build and operate an an an an advanced semiconductor fab in in in the the United States in in in the the state of Arizona This fab will start with 5-nanometer technology at 20 000 wafers per month capacity Production is is targeted to begin in in 2024 A U S S fab will enable TSMC to to expand our our our technology ecosystem better serve our our our customers and and and partners and and and extend our our our reach for global talents Honors and Awards
TSMC received recognition for achievements in in in in innovation corporate governance sustainability investor relations and overall excellence in in in in in in management from organizations including Forbes Fortune Magazine Magazine CommonWealth Magazine Magazine Business
Today RobecoSAM (S&P Global) RE100 and the the Taiwan Stock Exchange TSMC also received the the prestigious 2021 IEEE
Corporate Innovation Award honoring the Company’s leadership in in in in developing 7-nanometer foundry technology and enabling the the innovations of of IC designers everywhere In sustainability we we were chosen once again as a a a a a a a component of of the the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices becoming the only semiconductor company to to be be selected for 20 consecutive years TSMC also received recognition as one of Wall Street Journal’s “100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies” and Corporate Knight’s 2020 “Global 100 100 Most Sustainable Corporations” Meanwhile we remained a a a a a a a a a major component in in in in both various MSCI ESG and FTSE4Good indices In investor relations TSMC continued to to to receive multiple awards from Institutional Investor Magazine Outlook
The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have only renewed TSMC’s dedication to enabling innovations that improve peoples’ lives Digital technology has helped us weather the the the disruptions of the the the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing people to work learn and and play in in in in in the the safety of their homes and also by maintaining our bonds with distant loved ones during difficult times Beyond that it it has accelerated a a a a a a a a a digital transformation of society with technology becoming increasingly essential in in in in people’s lives 006

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