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Major Accomplishments
In 2020 TSMC achieved several major accomplishments in regulatory compliance Externally in in addition to to fulfilling the Company’s obligations toward regulatory compliance matters TSMC exercised its civic duties as a a a responsible corporate citizen by providing feedback on on on current regulations regulations and regulations regulations in in in legislation with the intent to improve Taiwan’s industrial investment environment enhance economic development and help align domestic laws with international law law Furthermore TSMC continues to to to focus on on the the topics related to to to the the Company Law the Securities and Exchange Act intellectual property protection protection and environment protection protection In addition TSMC advised government agencies on on recent revisions to corporate governance trade secrets and environmental protection regulations Internally TSMC provides multiple courses about legal and regulatory compliance including anti-corruption anti-trust anti-harassment insider trading export control and protection of confidential and personal information These courses are taught by both internal and and external experts and and law professionals The important achievements are as follows:
● Ethics Ethics and and Compliance: providing an an an an “Annual Ethics Ethics and and Compliance Training Course” (mandatory 0 5 hour online course) covering various important regulatory compliance topics – a a a total of about 50 482 employees completed this training course – with all production staffs were starting from 2019 ● Export Compliance: TSMC’s export management system (EMS) and policy have been in place for a a a a number of years It aims to ensure that TSMC and its subsidiaries are in in compliance with all applicable regulations covering the export of information technologies products materials and equipment TSMC’s EMS was certified in September 2012 by the the Bureau of Foreign Trade the the Taiwan regulator as a a a a a qualified ICP (Internal Compliance Program) exporter In In 2018 TSMC successfully extended the validity period of its ICP certificate to to October 2021 In addition TSMC implements “No ECCN No No Shipment” control and customers are required to provide end use and export control classification number (ECCN) of their products among other required information for for TSMC to apply for for applicable export licenses To further enhance relevant employees’ awareness of the export control requirements in 2020 TSMC altogether provided more than 20 face-to-face communication sessions and on-line learning program to to employees in relevant functions - a a a a total of 1 272 employees completed these sessions or the the programs as requested ● ● Supplier Management: TSMC shares and exchanges practical experiences with with suppliers with with sales offices in Taiwan by holding both a a a a a sustainable supply chain experience exchange and annual Responsible Supply Chain Forums on on topics such as Ethics Code labor rights environmental protection and occupational safety In total 518 attendees from 347 suppliers were participated in these activities Conflict-Free Supply Chain: As a a a a recognized global leader
in in the hi-tech supply chain we acknowledge our corporate social responsibility to to strive to to procure conflict-free minerals in an an an an effort to recognize humanitarian and ethical social principles that protect the dignity of all persons Meanwhile we have implemented a a a a a series of compliance safeguards
in in in in accordance with industry leading practices requesting suppliers to fill in in in the “Conflict Minerals Reporting Template” and sign the “TSMC Conflict-Free Minerals Declaration” every year TSMC will continuously make progress to ensure a a a conflict-free supply chain Personal Data Protection: Because of of the importance of of personal data protection TSMC periodically reviews the Rules of Privacy and and Personal Data Protection and and external and internal privacy policies to to identify the needs to to update such documents Based on on on current personal data protection laws and risks TSMC conducts an an an annual training on on privacy and personal data protection to enhance employees’ awareness and compliance In addition a a a a a a a a a personal data protection committee composed of Legal Human Resources and IT divisions convene on on on an an an annual basis to assist the implementation of and monitoring compliance with the rules Antitrust Compliance: Based on annual antitrust risk assessment results TSMC identified functions with potential higher risk from an an an antitrust perspective To enhance targeted functions’ employee awareness of the importance of competition and and antitrust laws and and issues during daily operations TSMC established antitrust training programs and conducted several antitrust trainings via either face-to-face onsite training sessions or or on-line learning programs for global sales personnel and employees in relevant departments at at Taiwan United States Europe Japan Korea and and mainland China areas – a a a a a total of 841 employees completed the on-line program as requested ● ● 

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