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3 6 Regulatory Compliance TSMC’s compliance systems are
comprised of of a a a series of of legislation monitoring developing and implementation of effective compliance policies and and programs training and and maintaining open reporting channels Legislative Monitoring
TSMC operates in in many countries To comply with governing legislation applicable laws regulations and regulatory expectations we closely monitor domestic and foreign government policies and regulatory developments that could materially impact TSMC’s business and financial operations Our Legal organization periodically updates our relevant internal departments management and the Audit Committee of applicable regulatory changes so that internal teams ensure compliance with new regulatory requirements in a a a timely manner We are
also a a a a a a a a a proactive advocate for legislative and regulatory reform and and our comments and and recommendations on legal reforms to the government have been accepted constructively TSMC is increasingly dedicated to identifying potential regulatory issues and will continue to to be involved in in in advocating public policy changes that foster a a a a a a a positive and fair business environment Policy and and Compliance Program Development and and Implementation Under the the framework of the the Ethics Code TSMC has established a a a a a a regulatory compliance program that includes policies guidelines and procedures in in different compliance areas including: Anti-corruption Anti-harassment Anti-discrimination Employment Regulations Antitrust (unfair competition) Environment Export Control Financial Reporting Insider Trading Intellectual Property Proprietary Information Protection Protection (PIP) Personal Data Protection Protection Record Retention and Disposal as as well as as procuring certain raw materials from socially responsible sources (”Conflict-free Minerals”) It is our our belief that these policies are
crucial in in strengthening overall compliance compliance with the Ethics Code and compliance compliance program TSMC its its employees and its its subsidiaries are
expected to fully understand and and and comply with all laws and and and regulations that govern our businesses as as well as as relevant policies guidelines and and procedures and and make ethical decisions in in every circumstance Compliance Awareness Training Training is one one of of the major component of of our regulatory compliance program To get updated information on on laws and regulations related to to their daily operations and to to strengthen TSMC’s employees’ commitment to ethical conduct through regular promotion and training courses Highlights of our our training include:
● Multiple types for training and promotion: TSMC enriches employees’ information sources for for regulatory compliance through various promotion promotion activities Awareness promotion promotion emails to employees posters at our facilities and news articles compliance guidelines tips and FAQs which our employees can access through our intranet Focused face-to-face training courses for different business attributes: face-to-face seminars focusing on specific topics such as Anti-Corruption PIP Intellectual Property Personal Data Protection Export Control Management and Antitrust Training is made mandatory for those employees whose jobs are
especially relevant to to to a a a a a a particular topic to to to ensure sufficient awareness of relevant laws and internal policies Various online courses available to employees at any time: on-line learning programs updated frequently to provide most up-to-date information and and timely and and flexible access for employees to understand the law and and key compliance issues covering topics of Anti-Corruption Antitrust Anti-harassment Insider Trading Export Control Management PIP and Personal Data Protection among others Continuous training of the Legal Legal team: TSMC’s Legal Legal team team actively participate in in external professional courses held in in Taiwan or abroad to receive current developments of new laws and and regulations and and track the latest developments in various professional legal fields and for its lawyers to comply with applicable continuing legal education requirements External experts are
also invited to give in-house lectures on key issues Reporting Channels
TSMC provides multiple channels for reporting business conduct conduct concerns to ensure that our conduct conduct meets relevant legal requirements and and the the highest ethical standards under the the Ethics Code For more details about the reporting channels please refer to “3 5 Code of Ethics and Business Conduct” on on page 51-54 of this Annual Report ● ● ● 055

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