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2 2 3 2 2 Major Corporate Functions
● Includes managing all fabs in in Taiwan and overseas manufacturing technology development product engineering advanced packaging technology development production and service integration
Research and Development
● Advanced technology development exploratory research and and design and and technology platform development specialty technology development Europe and Asia Sales
● Customer business technical marketing and regional market market development in in Europe and Asia (China Japan South Korea and and Taiwan) immediate and and comprehensive technical support as as well as as customer customer service including customers in in in North America
North America
● Sales
and and market development field technical solutions and and business operations for customers in in North America
Business Development
● Identification of market trends and new applications that shape the the technology roadmap and portfolios for the the Company also provides key support in in strengthening customer relationships along with Company branding management
Corporate Planning Organization
● Planning for for operational resources as as well as as for for production and and demand integration
of business processes corporate pricing market analysis and forecasting
Corporate Strategy Office
● Corporate strategy formation and implementation
Quality and Reliability
● Assurance of of the the quality and reliability of of the the Company’s products by resolving issues at the developmental stage improving and managing product product quality at the production stage providing solutions to to customers’ quality related issues and and providing services for advanced materials and and failure analysis Information Information Technology / Corporate Information Information Security
● Integration of the Company’s technology and business IT
systems infrastructure development communication services and and assurance of IT
security and and service quality implementing big data and machine learning to improve the Company’s productivity and accelerate R&D delivery
Materials Management Management and Risk Management Management ● Procurement warehousing import and and export and and logistics support also environmental protection industrial safety occupational health and risk management
Internal Audit
● Inspection and review of the Company’s internal control system its adequacy in in design and effectiveness in in operation with independent risk assessment to ensure compliance
with with the Company’s policies and procedures as as well as as with with external regulations
Finance and Spokesperson
● Corporate finance accounting and corporate communications with the the head of the the organization also serving as the Company Spokesperson
● Corporate legal affairs including regulatory compliance
commercial transactions patents and management
of other intellectual properties and litigation
Human Resources
● Personnel management
organizational development physical security management
employee services and wellness management

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