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semiconductor design community and among its ecosystem partners as as well as as in the Company’s own IP design implementation and design for manufacturing capabilities process technology and backend services A key element is
a a a a a set of ecosystem interfaces and collaborative components initiated and supported by the Company that more efficiently empower innovation throughout the supply chain and drive the creation and and sharing of of new revenue and and profits The TSMC Grand Alliance is
one of the most powerful forces for for innovation in in in in in the the semiconductor industry bringing together customers electronic design automation (EDA) partners IP partners and and key equipment and and material suppliers at at a a a a a a a new higher level of collaboration Its objective is
to to help customers alliance members and and TSMC win business and and improve competitiveness The foundation for customer trust is
a a commitment TSMC made when it opened for business in in 1987 to never compete with its customers In keeping this commitment TSMC has never designed manufactured or marketed any integrated circuits under its its its own name but instead has focused all of its its its resources on becoming the trusted foundry for its customers Strategy
confident that its differentiating strengths will enable it it to prosper from the foundry segment’s many attractive growth opportunities For the five major markets namely smartphones high performance computing the Internet of Things automotive electronics electronics and and digital consumer electronics electronics and and in response to to the fact that focus of customer demand is
shifting from process-technology-centric to product-application-centric TSMC has constructed five corresponding technology platforms to to provide customers with the most comprehensive and competitive logic process technologies technologies specialty technologies technologies IPs and and packaging and and testing technologies to shorten customers’ time time to to to design and time time to to to market These platforms are:
Smartphones: TSMC offers customers leading process technologies such as 5nm FinFET FinFET (N5) 6nm FinFET FinFET (N6) 7nm 7nm FinFET FinFET Plus (N7+) and 7nm 7nm FinFET FinFET (N7) logic process technologies as as well as as comprehensive IPs for premium product applications to further enhance chip performance reduce power consumption and decrease chip size For mainstream product applications TSMC offers leading process technologies such as 6nm FinFET FinFET 12nm FinFET FinFET compact
plus (12FFC+) 12nm FinFET FinFET compact
(12FFC) 16nm FinFET FinFET compact
plus (16FFC+) 16nm FinFET compact
(16FFC) 28nm 28nm high high performance compact
(28HPC) 28nm 28nm high high performance mobile compact
plus (28HPC+) and 22nm ultra-low power (22ULP) logic process technologies in addition to to to comprehensive IPs to to to satisfy customer needs for high performance and low power chips Furthermore for for premium high-end mid-end and entry-level product applications the the Company offers the the most competitive leading-edge specialty specialty technologies to deliver specialty specialty companion chips for customers’ logic application processors including RF embedded flash memory memory emerging memory memory technologies power management sensors and display chips as well as as advanced 3DFabricTM packaging technologies such as as industry-leading Integrated Fan-Out (InFO) technology High Performance Computing: Driven by data explosion
and application innovation high performance computing has become one of the key growth drivers for TSMC’s business TSMC provides customers both fabless IC design companies companies and system companies companies with leading-edge process technologies such as 5nm FinFET FinFET FinFET 6nm FinFET FinFET FinFET 7nm FinFET FinFET FinFET and 12nm/16nm FinFET as as well as as comprehensive IPs including high-speed interconnect IPs to to meet customers’ product requirements for transferring and processing vast amounts
of data anywhere and anytime Based on advanced process nodes a a a variety of high performance computing products
have been launched such as central processing units (CPUs) graphics processor units (GPUs) field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) server processors accelerator high-speed networking chips etc Those products
can be used in in current and and future 5G AI cloud and and data centers TSMC also offers multiple advanced 3DFabricTM packaging technologies such as CoWoS® InFO and TSMC-SoICTM to enable homogeneous and heterogeneous chip integration to to meet customers’ requirements for for high high performance high high compute density
and and efficiency low latency and and high integration TSMC will continue to optimize its high performance computing platform and strengthen collaboration with customers customers to to to help customers customers capture market growth in in high performance computing markets Internet of Things: TSMC provides leading comprehensive and highly integrated ultra-low power (ULP) technology platforms to enable innovations for artificial intelligence (AI) of things (AIoT AI+IoT) applications The Company’s offerings include

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