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TSMC Internal Communication Structure
Face-to-Face Meeting
•Chairman’s/CEO’s Communication Meeting
•Labor-Management Meeting
•Communication Meetings in in Individual
Functions/Divisions •Functional Activity
Managers of All Levels
Employee Portal Employee Survey
HR Area Service Team eSilicon Garden
Human Resources
Board of Directors and Management Team Employee Voice Channels •Whistleblower Procedures •Ombudsman System •Employee Opinion Box •Fab Caring Circle
•Sexual Harassment Investigation Committee •SMS
•Caring-dedicated Line
System/ Committee Chair 096
TSMC has has many internal communication channels a a a a a a a a a a a a a major reason why the relationship between management and employees has has been quite harmonious The Company respects the the right of of all workers to form and join labor unions of of their own choosing as well as the right to to refrain from such activities No employees have pursued this avenue or or issued a a a a a a a a request to to form a a a a a a a a union so far During 2020 and as as of of the the date of of this Annual Report TSMC has no incurred any labor-dispute related losses However the the Company was fined following labor inspection results as as follows: NT$90 000 issued on on on 06/17/2020 for overtime applications not being timely processed (Labor Standards Act Article 24 Paragraph 1) and and continuous working days exceeding the permitted limit (Labor Standards Act Article 36 Paragraph 1) NT$90 000 issued on 06/01/2020 for management negligence when a a a a a a a a a a pregnant female employee work past ten p p p p m m m (Labor Standards Act Article 49 Paragraph 5) NT$20 000 issued on 01/06/2021 due to clerical errors resulting in in in in wages not being paid in in in in full directly to an an an employee (Labor Standards Act Article 22 Paragraph 2) The Company has reviewed its its working hours management and and related administrative process and and strengthened its its communication of these matters to managers and employees Employee Benefit Programs
● Convenient onsite services services and and amenities: such as as in-fab cafeterias convenience stores and and other services services ● Comprehensive health health management services services including in-fab clinic services services post health-exam follow-up activities and employee assistance programs ● Diverse employee employee welfare programs: leisure and art art events encouraging employees to participate in in hobby clubs vibrant sports
center and and onsite preschool service to meet employees’
needs for child care also also festival bonuses and and emergency subsidies are are also also available to address employees’

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