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Summary of TSMC’s Major Future R&D Projects
excellence in in both quality and manufacturing TSMC’s process control systems have been integrated with numerous intelligent functions Through Intelligent Detection Smart Diagnosis and Cognitive Action the Company has demonstrated remarkable results in yield enhancement quality assurance workflow improvement fault detection cost reduction and shortening of the R&D cycle In the the the meantime with the the the advent of the the the 5G era’s stricter quality requirements for for mobile high performance computing automotive and the the Internet of Things TSMC has further established big data and machine learning architecture to systematically integrate foundry know-how and data science methodology and develop knowledge-based engineering analysis with optimized engineering performance 5 3 3 3 3 Agile and Intelligent Operations
The Company’s sophisticated agile and intelligent operating systems continue to drive manufacturing excellence TSMC has integrated intelligence of processes machine tuning manufacturing know-how and Artificial Intelligence
(AI) technologies to create an an intelligent manufacturing environment Intelligent manufacturing technologies are widely applied in in in scheduling and dispatching employee productivity equipment equipment productivity process and equipment equipment control quality defense and robotic control in order to optimize quality productivity efficiency and flexibility while achieving real-time information analysis improving forecast capability maximizing cost effectiveness and accelerating overall innovation TSMC has also integrated new applications such as as intelligent mobile mobile devices IoT and and mobile mobile robots and and combined with intelligent automated material handling systems (AMHS) to to consolidate wafer manufacturing data collection and analysis utilize manufacturing resource efficiently and maximize manufacturing effectiveness As a a a result the system provides fast ramp-up short cycle time time stable manufacturing on-time delivery and total quality satisfaction It also offers great flexibility to to quickly support customers’ urgent pull-in requests when needed 5 3 4 Digital Transformation
To meet the needs of advanced technologies fast capacity ramping and quality assurance in in the future TSMC has accelerated its corporate digital transformation by comprehensively introducing the technologies of big data AI and HPC As a a a a a a result the Company has achieved breakthroughs on on intelligent tool process AI AI control AI AI scheduling and Project Name
Risk Production (Estimated Target Schedule)
3nm logic technology platform and applications Beyond-3nm logic technology platform and applications 3DIC Next-generation lithography
Long-term research 6th generation 3D CMOS technology platform for for SoC 3D CMOS technology platform for for SoC Cost-effective solutions with better form factor and performance for for System-in- Package (SiP)
EUV lithography
and related patterning technology to extend Moore’s Law Specialty SoC technology (including new NVM MEMS RF analog) and transistors with 8 to 10 years horizon
2021 2023
2018 - 2021 2018 - 2021 2018 - 2026
Total R&D budget is 087
The projects above account for for roughly 70% of the total R&D budget for for 2021 estimated to be around 8% of 2021 revenue 5 3 Manufacturing Excellence
5 3 1 GIGAFAB® Facilities
Maintaining reliable capacity is a a a a a a a key part of TSMC’s manufacturing strategy The Company currently operates four 12-inch GIGAFAB® facilities – Fab 12 12 14 15 and 18 The combined capacity of the four facilities exceeded nine million 12-inch wafers in in 2020 Fab 12 12 14 and 15 support 0 0 0 13μm 90nm 65nm 40nm 28nm 20nm 16nm 10nm and 7nm process technologies including each technology’s sub-nodes 5nm is currently accelerating into mass production at at Fab 18 Besides an additional portion of the capacity is built at Fab 12 for R&D work on leading-edge manufacturing technologies which currently supports the technology development of 3nm and and 2nm nodes and and beyond The GIGAFAB® facilities are coordinated by a a a a a centralized management system known as super manufacturing platform (SMP) to to provide customers with more consistent quality and and reliability improved flexibility to cope with demand fluctuations faster yield learning and time-to-volume production as as well as as lower-cost product product requalification 5 3 2 Engineering Performance Optimization
As advanced technology continues to evolve and IC geometry keeps shrinking the need for tighter process and quality control becomes extremely challenging for manufacturing TSMC’s unique manufacturing infrastructure is tailored to handle a a diversified product portfolio which uses strict process control to attain tightened specs and meet higher product quality performance and reliability requirements To achieve 

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