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Continuing Education/Training of Directors in in in in in 2020
The major training methods of Directors include:
● At quarterly Board meetings TSMC management presents updates on the Company’s business regulatory developments and
● ● ● other information The Company arranges speeches on on politics economics regulatory compliance etc At quarterly Audit Committee meetings TSMC’s General Counsel and
the Company’s independent auditors provide regulatory update reports and
Directors participate in in in externally-provided training courses as needed In addition from time time to to to to time time Directors are invited by other parties to to to to give speeches on on corporate governance and
related topics Name
Host by Training/Speech Title
Mark Liu (Note)
F C Tseng
Sir Peter L Bonfield Stan Shih
Michael R Splinter Yancey Hai
06/25 College of of Engineering University of of California Berkeley
08/26 Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA)
09/23 SEMI Taiwan 12/15 Hsinchu Science Park Bureau (HSPB)
Virtual Berkeley
Engineering Summer Dean’s Society Event: Rising to the Challenge: Berkeley
Engineers Respond to COVID-19 (Video Conference)
World Semiconductor Council (WSC)
SEMICON Taiwan 2020
– Master Forum Speech: The Future of IC Innovation
Embracing Legacy to Create a a a a a Better Future – 40th 40th Hsinchu Science Park 40th 40th Anniversary International Forums
Speech: Welcoming the Hsinchu Science Park’s next 40 years of success
11th National Science and
Technology Conference: Creating the Future Corporate Sustainability Management
The Global Macroeconomic Impacts of COVID-19 Recent Directors and
Officers Liability Insurance Updates and
Case Study
The Battle of Corporate Control and
Case Study
Virtual Seminar – – NASDAQ ESG Summit – – Policies
Corporate Sustainability Management
Hostile Merge and
Corporate Governance
Analyze the Principle of Equal Treatment
New Order of of U U S S – The Impact and
Countermeasures of of Investments in U U S S and
Export Control Regulations
Corporate Sustainability Management
the Development Trend of ESG The General Guidance of Anticorruption and
Whistleblower Protection
The Influence of IFRS17 on Insurance Industry Management
Directorship Essential
Cyber Security Risk Oversight Program
Corporate Strategy
Development Direction
The Opportunity and
Challenge of Mobile 5G – Starting from Telecommunication
1 hour
2 hours 4 hours 3 hours 3 hours 1 5 hours 3 hours 1 5 hours 1 5 hours 3 hours 1 5 hours 1 5 hours 1 hour
1 5 hours 1 5 hours 1 hour
3 hours 4 hours 30 hours 3 hours 3 hours 7 hours 3 hours 8 hours 12/21 Executive Yuan
03/18 Taiwan Corporate Governance
07/30 Securities and
Futures Institute
09/29 Taiwan Corporate Governance
09/29 Taiwan Corporate Governance
09/22 NASDAQ 03/18 Taiwan Corporate Governance
05/06 Taiwan Corporate Governance
06/23 Taiwan Insurance Institute
08/05 Taiwan Corporate Governance
11/03 Taiwan Corporate Governance
Association Association Association Association Association Association Association 11/21 Taiwan Academy of Banking and
Finance (TABF)
12/22 Taiwan Corporate Governance
Association 04/02 National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)
04/07~05/15 National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)
04/29 Taiwan Corporate Governance
Association 07/29 Taiwan Corporate Governance
Association Note: Selected speeches on corporate governance and
related topics Continuing Education Training of Corporate Governance
Officer in in in in in 2020
Host by Training/Speech Title
Vice President and
General Counsel/ Corporate Governance
Officer Sylvia Fang
10/20 11/27
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
Center for Law Technology and
Ethics College National Taiwan University of Law Department of Intellectual Property and
Technology Transfer Academia Sinica
for for Information Industry Technology Transfer and
Law Center Industrial Technology Research Institute
Chinese National Federation of Industries
Lee and
Li Attorneys-at-Law
Taiwan Trade Secret Protection
Association Discussion on on on Commercial Case Adjudication Act and
Countermeasures (Hsinchu Session)
Cross-Strait Trade Secret Protection
Virtual Symposium
Legal Tech and
Services Forum 050
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