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3 2 1 Audit Committee
The Audit Committee
assists the Board in in fulfilling its oversight of of the the quality and integrity of of the the accounting auditing reporting and financial control practices of the Company The Audit Committee
responsible to review the following major matters:
● Financial reports ● Auditing and and accounting policies and and procedures ● Internal control systems and and including related policies and and procedures ● Material asset or derivatives transactions ● Material lending funds endorsements or or guarantees ● Offering or issuance of any equity-type securities ● Derivatives and cash investments ● Legal compliance ● Related-party transactions and potential conflicts of interests
involving executive officers and directors TSMC’s Audit Committee
empowered by its Charter to conduct any study or investigation it deems appropriate
to to fulfill its responsibilities It has direct access to to TSMC’s internal auditors auditors the Company’s independent auditors auditors and all employees of the Company The Committee
authorized to retain and oversee special legal accounting or other consultants as it it deems appropriate
to fulfill its mandate The Audit Committee
Charter is
available on TSMC’s corporate website 3 2 2 2 2 Compensation Committee
The Compensation Committee
assists the Board in in discharging its its responsibilities related to TSMC’s compensation and benefits policies plans and and and programs and and and in the evaluation and and and compensation of of TSMC’s directors of of the Board and executives The members of the Compensation Committee
are appointed by by the Board as required by by R O C C law According to TSMC’s Compensation Committee
Charter the Committee
shall consist of of no fewer than three independent directors of of the Board The Compensation Committee
comprised of all six independent directors The Chairman of the the Board and the the Chief Executive Officer are invited by the Committee
to attend all meetings and are excused from the the Committee’s discussion of their own compensation TSMC’s Compensation Committee
authorized by its Charter to to retain an an independent consultant to to assist in in in the evaluation of of CEO or executive officer compensation The Compensation Committee
Charter is
available on TSMC’s corporate website Ombudsman reports ● ● Fraud prevention and investigation reports Corporate information security Corporate risk management ● ● ● Performance independence qualification of independent 041
auditor ● Hiring or or dismissal of an attesting CPA or or the compensation given thereto ● Appointment or or discharge of financial accounting or or internal auditing officers ● Assessment of of Committee
Charter and fulfillment of of Audit Committee
duties and ● Self-assessment of the Committee’s performance etc Under R O C C law the membership of Audit Committee
shall consist of all independent directors TSMC’s Audit Committee
satisfies this statutory requirement The Committee
also engaged a a a a a a a financial expert consultant in in accordance with the rules of the U S S Securities and Exchange Commission The Audit Committee
annually conducts self-evaluation to assess the the Committee’s performance and identify areas for for further attention 

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