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Kaohsiung Gas Explosion Project

A series of gas explosions that damaged the city of Kaohsiung on July 31, 2014, caused more than 300 casualties. TSMC Volunteer Society President Ms. Sophie Chang led a group of executives to survey the damage soon after the incident to provide the company with advice for relief projects. Senior executives responsible for corporate social responsibility immediately held a meeting and decided that TSMC would build on its experience in reconstruction projects for Typhoon Morakot, leverage donations from the company and its employees, collaborate with suppliers, and establish a site at the disaster area to support rebuilding.

TSMC’s reconstruction team arrived in the disaster area on August 5 and stayed for 64 days. With timely and seamless support from supporting suppliers, the team has completed 570 meters of sheet piling, 4,383 meters of temporary roads, 695 repairs on 365 homes, 4,732 meters of safety fences, and 5 temporary bridges. This has allowed residents to safely travel to and from the disaster area, return to their reconstructed homes and businesses, and resume normal lives.

Total spending on this reconstruction project was NT$74.65 million. In addition to funds from employees through the “TSMC iCharity” platform and donations from the Company, the project was expanded to participation from other companies, attracting more resources to magnify our relief efforts.

Reconstruction Project Budget Details

Uint: NT$



Damaged house repair


Steel sheet pile


Construction fence


Temporary road construction


Construction equipment


Site office rent and miscellaneous items


Site cleaning and miscellaneous items




Total (5% tax included)