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TSMC Volunteer Program

TSMC takes corporate social responsibility seriously, and TSMC Volunteer Program, led by Mrs. Sophie Su-fen Chang, President of the Program, is dedicated to promoting education and culture, providing aid for the underprivileged, advocating energy saving, and caring for the community. The program aims to provide a host of channels for the Company’s most valuable asset, high-tech professional employees, to give to the society.

Employees and their family members can take part in a variety of programs as follows:

  • TSMC Volunteer Docent Program
  • TSMC Book Reading Volunteer Program
  • TSMC Energy-saving Volunteer Program
  • TSMC Community Volunteer Program
  • TSMC Ecology Volunteer Program
  • TSMC Fab/Division Volunteer Program

TSMC Volunteer Docent Program

To promote science education and enhance people’s understanding of the IC industry, TSMC made a donation to the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung in 1997 to set up an exhibition hall-The World of the Integrated Circuits. The hall was renovated twice, and then replaced entirely in 2011 with “The World of Semiconductor” exhibition hall.

TSMC Volunteer Docent Program was established in 2004 to provide visitors with guided tours. In 2014, a total of 1,147 volunteers with 6,351 dedicated service hours were recorded; the cumulative service hour also reached more than 60,219 hours.

The docents’ enthusiasm and professionalism were highly praised by visitors. The group has continuously been recognized as the “Outstanding Volunteer Team” by the National Museum of Science.

TSMC Book Reading Volunteer Program

To help reduce the disparity of educational resources between rural and urban schools, TSMC Foundation started sponsoring the “Hope Reading Program” organized by CommonWealth Magazine in 2004 with the donation of 20,000 books annually to 200 schools in remote and rural areas.

Following on the early efforts of TSMC Foundation, the TSMC Book Reading Volunteer Program was established in 2005. In 2014, a total of 628 volunteers have devoted 8,576 hours of services to 8 remote schools in Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan; the cumulative service hour also reached more than 39,045 hours.

TSMC Energy Saving Volunteer Program

Leveraging the expertise of TSMC employees in energy saving, TSMC Energy Saving Volunteer Program was established in 2008 to assist schools needing to reduce electricity telecommunication costs, improve water and air-conditioning consumption, as well as environmental safety. After assessing the facilities, measuring and collecting data, and evaluating power efficiency, the teams proposed energy-saving plans and ways to reduce carbon emissions to the schools.

In 2014, 52 energy saving volunteers devoted 960 hours in Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Penghu areas. Moreover, 2014 also marked the first time for the volunteers to support a large-scale teaching hospital, National Cheng Kung University Hospital, by providing suggestions on electrical safety and energy saving.

TSMC Community Volunteer Program

When Typhoon Morakot struck Southern Taiwan in 2009, TSMC employees, deeply saddened by the suffering it caused, established Typhoon Morakot Project Team in a fast pace. With their seamless teamwork, effectiveness and precision, the team provided timely assistance and relief measures to the typhoon victims.

Typhoon Morakot Project Team was transformed into TSMC Community Volunteer Program in 2010, aimed at reaching out to the ones in need, including both the elderly and the children. The TSMC Community Volunteer Program mainly serves the elderly at Hsinchu Veterans Home and the children at St. Teresa Children Center. In 2014, a total of 375 volunteers participated regularly in activities and were closely connected to the elderly and the children.

One Holiday Volunteer activity was held in July 2014 when TSMC Community Volunteers invited the children they served in the Book Reading Volunteer Program from Hsinchu, Taichung, and Tainan to “Lihpao Land” theme park. With well-designed activities, these children from remote areas spent a wonderful Saturday together.

TSMC Ecology Volunteer Program

The TSMC Ecology Volunteer Program was launched in 2012; in 2014, a total of 472 volunteers have donated their time to the cause of environmental protection. Volunteers were trained as ecology docents to share natural ecology concepts with school children and the public visiting the selected areas. Activities in 2014 included the following:

  • Hsinchu F12B ecology park docent: 181 employees took part and the Company invited more than 300 students and teachers from 12 elementary schools to visit TSMC’s ecology park.
  • Taichung F15 ecology park docent: 107 employees took part and the Company invited more than 150 students and teachers from 5 elementary schools to visit TSMC’s ecology park in Taichung.
  • Tainan Jacana ecology education park docent: 184 employees and their family members were recruited to serve as volunteer docents at the Jacana ecology education park on weekends and holidays.

TSMC Fab/Division Volunteer Program

Employees, on the Fab/Division level, devote themselves to various welfare activities for causes such as environmental protection, promotion of energy conservation, and caring of the disadvantaged, promotion of education, help for farmers and workers, and charitable donation.

  • Environmental Protection

In 2014, the volunteers held a charity bazaar by selling water chestnuts from the Guantian Jacana Park and using the earnings to fix and replace telescopes in the park to improve the quality of the eco tours. In Tainan, the volunteers helped reactivate the water purification plant on Monuments Mountain and held cultural and environmental tours to bring new life to the historical site.

  • Energy Conservation

Despite severe competition in the technology industry, the Company never forgets to cherish the environment. Seminars concerning energy consumption and power reduction continued to be held in 2014 to share TSMC’s knowledge and technology of the green buildings and energy saving accomplishments. Through those efforts, the Company hopes to root the green power deeply into the minds of other corporations.

  • Caring for the Disadvantaged

Beyond employees’ continuous and enthusiastic support to repair and maintain the old houses of people in need, provide daily supplies and necessities, and offer warm companionship, TSMC volunteers find new ways to enrich the lives of children. In 2014, the employees raised used cameras for children living in remote areas, leading them to see the world in a different way through the camera. In addition, meal fees were donated to children of the Kuskus tribe in southern Taiwan, and promotions of their culture of old ballads were conducted. Volunteers also supported Hui-Ming School for the Blind and the underprivileged baseball team by giving them the stage and means to perform. Lastly, they also led the girls from St. Francis Xavier Home for Girls to learn skills and developed their interests in handicraft and baking.

  • Promotion of Education

In 2014, the volunteers spread the seed of education further to Xi-Wei Elementary School. The volunteers donated new and used books to inspire the children’s interest in reading.

They also provided guidance to students on their school work to strengthen their comprehension and understanding.

  • Help for Farmers and Workers

In 2014, TSMC volunteers supported the farmers and fishers to divide water bamboo’s offshoot and string oysters, and they collaborated with Formosa Charity Group to build dorms and classrooms for the teenagers in the orphanage, raise funds and resources, and repair the abandoned elementary school to accommodate more people in need.

  • Charitable Donation

Charity bazaars and group-buying were held in fabs from time to time and, in the belief that even a small donation will make a difference, the accumulated profits were donated to charities. In 2014, employees purchased goods from charities as mid-autumn festival gifts, and the revenue of group-buying products for thanksgiving were donated to Hui-Ming School for the Blind. Also, a shuttle bus was donated to Syin-Lu social welfare foundation, providing the disabled children better transportation.