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TSMC Education and Culture Foundation

The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation (TSMC Foundation) is led by TSMC Vice Chairman F.C. Tseng, who serves as the Foundation’s Chairman. Established in 1998 to coordinate the Company’s financial sponsorship as part of its efforts in corporate social responsibility, The Foundation devotes its resources towards education, promotion of art and cultural events, community building, and the employee Volunteer Program.

In 2014, the TSMC Foundation contributed over NT$64 million to its long-term projects. A highlight of the year was the grand opening of the Children Arts Center, in cooperation with the TSMC Foundation and the Taipei Fine Arts Museums. The space is the very first collaboration on children arts promotion between the Taipei Government and a private enterprise.

The TSMC Foundation devotes resources in various scientific educational projects, which includes continual support of the Center for the Advancement of Science Education at Taiwan University (CASE) to sponsor “TSMC Cup – Competition of Scientific Story Telling”. This year the topic competition included Taiwan social issues first time. The completion not only inspires high school students’ interest for science and strengthens their communication ability; it also cares for the community and society.

The TSMC Foundation supports TSMC Volunteer Society, organizing employees to devote themselves to the caring of victims of disaster, such as the Kaohsiung Gas Explosion, and the underprivileged of the communities.

Commitment to Education

Education is the most important priority for the progress of a nation. The TSMC Foundation tailors its various programs to target a whole range of education needs at different age levels.

At the primary-school level, the Foundation emphasizes aesthetics education, and for many years has contributed resources to a variety of children’s art education programs, including the “TSMC Aesthetic Tour” that over the past 12 years has taken more than 80,000 children from remote townships to visit National Palace Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) and other fine arts sites. The Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) recognized the Foundation’s long-term contribution in this aspect. In 2009, TFAM invited TSMC Foundation to join the collaboration of the construction of “the Children’s Art Center”. Through six years of dedicated efforts by architects, the center was inaugurated on the Children’s Festival Day this year.

Located in the basement of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the Children’s Art Education Center is a learning space dedicated to kids 4 to 12 years old and their families. This “museum within a museum” occupies 2,000 square meters of space, and offers an integrated, comprehensive range of services, including a gallery, an Interactive Area, studios, and an outdoor plaza. The opening exhibition, “The Gift,” and the following exhibition “Get Rhythm with Paul Klee Interactive Exhibit and Workshop Series” received overwhelming positive responses. The Children’s Art Education Center will operate in the name of TSMC Education and Culture Foundation and Taipei Fine Arts Museum for a period of five years to witness to our collaborative achievements.

At the high school level, to enhance teenagers’ full development to knowledge of science and humanity the Foundation supports and organizes scientific camps, contests, and humanity activities. In 2014, the Foundation continued to sponsor The Center for Advanced Science Education at National Taiwan University to hold the competition, “TSMC Cup – Competition of Scientific Story Telling”. This year the “TSMC Cup – Competition of Scientific Story Telling” competition focused on “Food” to echo the Taiwan Food Safety Issues.

The Foundation also supports three science talent camps – Wu Chien-Shiung Science Camp, Wu Ta-Yu Science Camp and Madame Curie Senior High School Chemistry Camps – to provide talented students with the opportunity to hold discussions with world-class scientists with the goal of inspiring students and helping them realize their potential. “Senior High School Academic Train,” organized by National Tsing-hua University, invited professors to introduce senior high school students to the latest knowledge of technology and common knowledge for daily life and science. The courses will be held in 12 senior high schools located in northern, central, southern, eastern and Kinmen areas. The TSMC Foundation also collaborates with the Wu Chien-Shiung Foundation to work on “Lifting the Ability of High School Physics Experiments,” providing professional development for 350 science teachers.

In the humanities, the TSMC Foundation supports “Hope Reading” of the CommonWealth Foundation that donates good books to 30 junior high schools of Taiwan’s remote townships to promote the habit of reading among underprivileged teenagers. The Foundation also continued to hold “the TSMC Youth Literature Award” and “TSMC Youth Calligraphy Contest” to build up a stage for the talented youth.

At the college level, in addition to endowing chair professorships to enhance academic research at Taiwan universities, the TSMC Foundation for the first time sponsored the “Raising Sun Plan” of National Tsing Hua University. To bridge the unbalanced allocation of educational resources caused by the disparity between rich and poor, the plan provides underprivileged students a chance to enter the top-notch university with lower grade limit and scholarships.

Promotion of Arts and Chinese Classics

The TSMC Foundation sees it a long-term mission to promote Chinese Classics. Through presenting lectures, producing broadcasting programs and publishing audio books, the Foundation enables audiences to easily understand traditional Chinese philosophy and wisdom.

Since 2008, the TSMC Foundation has invited Professor Hsin Yih-yun to produce Chinese Classics broadcasting programs on the IC Radio Broadcasting Station. The programs are extremely popular and followed by Chinese audiences all over the world. Following The Analects and Chuang-tzu, this year Professor Hsin introduced Mo-tzu, whose thought was as important as Confucius’ at Chinese Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period. Through Professor Hsin Yih-yun’s rich knowledge and vivid examples, Professor Hsin delivered Mo-tzu’s philosophy of promoting diligent and thrifty and comprehensive love to the public.

The Foundation also held innovative lectures with unique decorations and arrangements to narrow the gap of the audience and the speakers and let the audience feel the appeal of the Classics. The Essays and Criticism (Shi Shuo Hsin Yu) Lectures delivered by Professor Hsin were conducted in tea banquets to let participants feel the atmosphere of the oriental salon. The Foundation also invited Professor Li Hon-chi, Emeritus Professor of New York University, to lead the audience into the Renaissance Era in a coffee shop. And noting the importance of preserving historic sites, the Foundation continued to sponsor the Taipei Story House’s Literature Salon, which includes regular author readings on this cultural heritage site.

Community Building by Arts

The Foundation has long played the role of “fine art planter” o spread the seeds of fine art to the community through continuous art activities. At TSMC’s site communities, Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan, the Foundation annually organizes “Hsinchu Arts Festival” to present a broad spectrum of performances to enrich the communities with arts.

The opening concert of the 2014 Hsinchu Arts Festival was a piano recital by Sir András Schiff, one of the most important pianists in the world, who chose Hsinchu City for his Taiwan debut and whoserecital drew attention from classical music lovers across Taiwan. The Festival arranged and recorded a master class for Taiwan Music Studying Students. After introducing Peking Operas, Kun Operas, Bangzi Operas, Nankuan, Liyuan Operas, the Festival invited Tang Mei-yun Taiwanese Opera Company for the first time to present the New Taiwanese Opera “Ballad of the Swallow”. Also for the families, the Festival invited the renowned puppet company, O Puppet, to present “The Happy Prince”. The Festival arranged over 30 activities over its three months-from concerts, traditional operas and lectures, to family-oriented activities, presenting the fascinating spiritual feast for Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan.